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Tragic end to octogenarian land boundary dispute


A land boundary dispute involving neighbors ended tragically for an 80 year old Zimuto woman after she was struck on the head with a hole handle during the skirmishes.

Fumisai Tavangwisa (80) was rushed to Masvingo Provincial Hospital and is  nursing a damaged ear after her 48 year old neighbor lost his temper during the dispute .

The incident took place on 15 December 2023 at Tavangwisa homestead in Zimuto communal area.

For his violent actions, Edmond Chikwati was arraigned before a Masvingo Magistrate, Mildred Jaoma for violence.

Chikwati was convicted on his own guilty plea and was remanded in custody to 9 January for sentencing.

Procecutor Malvin Muvengwi, told the court that on the fateful day the octogenarian was busy preparing her fields for ensuing farming season.

Chikwati approached her and accused the woman of encroaching into his boundary and ordered her stop the land preparation.

The issue did not go down well between the parties and a exchange of harsh words ensured.

In a fit of rage, Chikwati picked a hole handle and struck the granny twice on the left ear and she started bleeding profusely.

She was rushed to Masvingo Provincial Hospital where she was treated and discharged two days later.

A medical report was produced in court as evidence.

In mitigation Chikwati pleaded with the court for a none custodial sentence, saying that he is the sole bread winner for his family and his wife is critically ill as she was recently diagnosed with HIV.

If given a custodial sentence she will be left with no one to look after her and their 2 year old baby

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