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Tout ‘tastes’ blood sister’s sweetness by inserting his fingers into her privates


MASVINGO- A tout did the unthinkable when he allegedly inserted his dry fingers into his sister’s private parts to ‘taste’ her sweetness as many men were chasing after her in the neighbourhood resulting in her having ‘fatherless’ babies.

The cheekyman from Man’ombe Village under Chief Shumba, allegedly inserted his fingers into his sister’s privates, who is in her early twenties after he accused her of having babies with different men and sleeping around with many men.

He is said to have wanted to find out whether she was sweeter than his wife because so many men were following her like a dog on heat.

The man appeared before Masvingo Regional Magistrate Bishard Chineka on Thursday charged with domestic violence and was remanded in custody to 22 February.

He is employed as a conductor at Ndawana Coaches.

Prosecutor Liberty Hove told the court that on 7 February at around 2230hrs the complainant was at her homestead outside with her uncle when the accused arrived with his young brother and aggressively asked her if she was using contraceptives during her countless sexual escapades.

The complainant indicated that she was not using any and the accused was irritated by the answer claiming that he was already burdened by looking after her other ‘fatherless’ children yet she is reckless by not using any protection.

The accused then started beating her on the back with a sjambok.

The court heard that the sister fled to a neighbor’s homestead, but the accused followed her and continued to assault her all over her body until she budged into the bedroom.

According to the neighbor’s statement which she gave to the police, she was outside when the accused followed the complainant and locked the door of the neighbor’s bedroom from inside and continued to beat her instructing her to remove all her clothes.

The accused made her bend down and forcefully inserted his fingers in her private parts saying he wanted to feel the depth and sweetness of her private parts which most men in the village seem to be after.

She managed to bolt out naked, but the accused pursued her and continued to strike her with a sjambok while the other bother was using a switch which he plucked from a nearby tree.

The sister was left bruised all over the body and on 12 February neighbors who saw her injuries alerted the police leading to the arrest of the accused.

She was taken to Morgenster Hospital for treatment and a medical report will be produced in court as part of evidence. 

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