Thousands throng Byo for annual Thanksgiving Day


BULAWAYO: The National Thanksgiving and Dedication Service brings together different interdenominational churches under one roof to lead the nation spiritually in pursuit of national peace, harmony and development, President Mnangagwa has told thousands of people in Bulawayo today.

Speaking at the 7th National Thanksgiving and Dedication Service in Bulawayo at the ZITF grounds hall 4 on Sunday, the 31st of December 2023, Mnangagwa said the National Thanksgiving and Dedication Service is a platform that brings churches together to pray for unity in the country.

“We gather here each year since 2017, led by the churches to remind each other that the country is built by its own people.

“As you (churches) continue to work hard for the spiritual and moral development of our people which we are doing today, we are here to receive spiritual guidance to those the Lord has chosen to preach to us and lead us spiritually, ” said Mnangagwa.

He implored Zimbabweans to rally behind church leaders in calling for development, modernisation and industrialisation.

“I urge every single Zimbabwean regardless of social and economic status, age, background or any other persuasions to rally behind this call to join hands to develop, mordenize and industrialize our motherland Zimbabwe,” Mnangagwa said.

Mnangagwa quoted bible verses that speak about healing and unity.

“The word of God in Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 Verses 1 to 8 states that: it is important that us as a people to discern together. The season we are in is indeed a time to heal not to wound, a time to gather not to scatter, a time to unite not to divide, above all it is a time to continue to build not to pull down.”

Speaking at the same event, Vice President Rtd Gen Costantino Chiwenga commended churches for playing a critical role in promoting peace and unity in the country.

“I am delighted to note the role that the church is taking for ensuring that there is peace and harmony in this country. I would want to make special mention to the 2023 harmonized elections that were held in a peaceful environment, ” said Chiwenga.

The 7th National Thanksgiving and Dedication Service was held under the theme, “A time to unite and to continue working hard with God’s help to build and develop our nation.”

The 7th National Thanksgiving and Dedication Service was attended by various churches, church organisations, families, business and national leaders across the country and church leadership from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and other regions on the African continent.

Each year since 2017, the National Thanksgiving and Dedication Service which is organised by the Faith for the Nation Campaign- a local interdenominational grouping of local churches has brought together national leaders and churches in thanking God for his blessings in the preceding year and it has grown over the years in nurturing peace and harmony in Zimbabwe.

Prophet Andrew Wutaunashe leads the campaign which has grown from strength to strength.

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