Think or sink!


Building a multi million church/Mosque in village/town without clean water, hospital and toilets is the epitome of religious hypocrisy.

 Deep Reflection

Pay careful attention to your inner intuitive voice in yourself.

The answers and solutions you need for daily life experience comes from your inner intuitive voice.

 Most of the time, our own foolishness, stupidity and carelessness stops us from listening to our inner intuitive voice.

Your inner intuitive voice, the only true and best teacher of our personal life experience on earth.


You’re your own savior and destroyer.

Be mindful of your choices.

Deep Reflection

“Examine what is said, not who is speaking.” African proverb

We’re today living in an age of technological advancement, science and technology at its peak.

Some civilizations ago, the people that lived then, thought that thunder and rain was a punishment or blessings from the gods.

As such, they had to make sacrifices. They didn’t know anything about what causes rain or thunder, nor about seasons.

Fortunately, no one thinks like that today.

 Another way to say things is that, “we have grown.” A child’s thinking is simplistic, but that of an adult is scientific.

 Do not think of science as someone in the lab holding a test tube. Science is a way of thinking about life.

It’s about asking critical thinking questions. Finding out how things actually work, not just being inclined to unfounded superstitions.

As we travel through our life’s journey, we will appreciate our unique cultural expressions.

Many traditional practices can be preserved. But those that are harmful, oppressive, or based on ignorance, must be given up.

Myths and legends that were used for threatening people, must be replaced with modern scientific research and findings.

 Our focus should be on development, not on preservation of ignorance.

Wake up Africans

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