There is no Revolution without Theory/Ideology -Africa must devise a path to Freedom…


“There again I will suggest that African people, like other Third World people, have virtually a vested interest in Scientific Socialism, because it offers itself to them as a weapon of theory. It offers itself to them as that tool, at the level of ideas, which will be utilised for dismantling the capitalist imperialist structure. This is its concern…” By Walter Rodney in the article of Marxism and African Liberation 1975. If there’s any other Ideology rather than Scientific socialism that can liberate Africa.

Walter Rodney’s insight in 1975 rings true today. Scientific Socialism indeed provides a potent theoretical framework for dismantling the oppressive capitalist imperialist structure. Its emphasis on social ownership, equality, and liberation aligns with the aspirations of African people.

However, it’s essential to consider Pan-Africanism as a complementary force. Pan-Africanism, rooted in unity and solidarity among people of African descent, can work hand in hand with Scientific Socialism. By fostering a sense of shared identity and purpose, Pan-Africanism reinforces the collective strength needed to implement socialist principles effectively.

In our pursuit of Freedom, let us acknowledge the multifaceted approach required for true liberation, blending the theoretical strength of Scientific Socialism with the unifying spirit of Pan-Africanism. Together, we forge a path toward a liberated and empowered Africa.

As Cabral said, “There may be revolutions which have had a revolutionary theory and which have failed. But there has certainly been no revolution which has succeeded without a revolutionary theory”.

The application of any ideology demands a nuanced understanding of the unique internal dynamics within a society. Sensitivity to the intricate tapestry of cultural, historical, and social contexts ensures that the chosen ideology aligns harmoniously with the lived experiences of the people.

In our quest for liberation, let us not only embrace the ideals but also navigate with a keen awareness of the diverse landscapes that shape our societies. This thoughtful approach ensures that the implementation of ideology resonates authentically, fostering genuine progress and empowerment. May our journey be guided by both conviction and cultural acumen…

Amilcar Cabral’s wisdom resonates deeply with me. It reinforces the essence that a revolution’s success is intricately tied to having a revolutionary theory. Let’s embrace this truth personally as we navigate our journey towards liberation…

Africa needs to devise a liberating ideology..

Learn or Perish!..🥷🏿

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