The virgins, the fallout, the professor’s murder

-Ishmael ordered all men to dump wives who were not virgins at marriage

-These men were then promised to be given virgins to take in as new wives

-Professor Muwati challenged some of these orders, he was killed for that

The late Professor Itai Muwati’s brother asserts that his sibling met his demise at Madzibaba Ishmael shrine due to disagreements with Ishmael’s directives, notably one mandating husbands to discard wives who weren’t virgins at marriage.

Admire Muwati alleges that Ishmael promised these men new virgin wives in exchange. The circumstances surrounding Prof Muwati’s death have become a focal point of controversy at the Nyabira shrine.

Speaking during Tilder’s show on StarFM, Admire recounted the events leading to his brother’s tragic end.

“Madzibaba Ishmael akaudza vadzidzi vake kuti kana wakaroora mukadzi wako asiri mhandara murambe tinokupa mumwe mukadzi achiri wechidiki ari mhandara,” he said.

“Varume pavakatanga kunzwa zvemadzimai manyowani vakatanga kusimudza musoro vachiti uku kwanaka kunopihwa madzimai emahara.

“Ishmael akazoita munamato wembiya achiita varume kuti misana yavo isimbe nekuti vakange vave kuda kunoita zvevakadzi vakawanda.

“Vanhu vese vakanwa from mbiya iyoyo vakabva vaita sokunge vaputirwa zvokuti hapana anonzwisisa ukada kutaura naye kunze kwekunge ndi Ishmael ariye ataura.

“If you try to have a conversation with them, and try to tell them anything bad about Ishmael, they will tell you that ‘Mambo Ishmael’ said we should do this and that.”

According to Admire, his brother attempted to distance himself from the church, which ultimately led to his demise.

 “There came a time that my brother said what was happening at the church was not right because of the way that people were dying and also if you tried to go against ‘Mwari’ Ishmael, you would die a mysterious death,” he explained.

Admire also expressed concern about retrieving his brother’s belongings for the sake of his family’s welfare. “Our brother had wealth and properties and we are now looking for help to go get the things that he left there,” he said.

“He left behind six children and it is difficult for us to take care of them so we need to go and get the cattle and other domestic animals that he left behind.”

The rift between Admire and Madzibaba Ishmael widened when Ishmael urged his followers to sell all their possessions and sever ties with their families.

 “I went against what Madzibaba Ishmael was saying and I left the church,” Admire revealed.

The story reveals a tragic narrative of manipulation, violence, and the struggle for control within a religious community, leaving behind shattered lives and families seeking justice.

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