The entrepreneurial mindset.

You always think there’s a better way to do things.

You’d prefer to be in charge.

You think your boss is generally


You feel underused by your

supervisors and dissatisfied by your job.

You know you would do things

differently if it were your company.

You sit at your desk calculating the amount of money you make for your employer, thinking that you should be

working for yourself.

You are convinced that you could do a better job than the folks that surround you.

Entrepreneurs are natural leaders.

They are self motivated and creative thinkers.

They can make a decision quickly and stick to it.

Entrepreneurs are visionaries, hard workers, and are extremely perceptive.

They typically have demanding personalities and are extroverted.

They are risk takers who are always seeking to improve upon current conditions.

On the flip side, at times such people are often stubborn and impatient.

Entrepreneurs are not always good listeners or coachable, and can be territorial.

If any of this strikes a chord, if you feel these are qualities you possess, then entrepreneurship may be for you.

But before you go into business, there are six things you must have:


A life plan


A solid business idea


Good credit and strong finances


A business plan


A supportive family or spouse



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To your greatness,Coach Doc Luke Moyana

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