“The Black Mamba Theory”

Aaron Gono

On 7 May 2024, as l was going through my Phoenix messages, one topic captivated my attention, ” Putin Made The Same Mistake Japan Did in Attacking the Pearl Harbor.”

As a fan of ” dialectic enlightenment,” l started mediating about the heading. Is this another crap and crass propaganda from the West? Why the conditions of the second world war, are being compared in today’s geopolitics.

The first and second world wars were driven by greedy and utopian mindsets by both Kaiser Wilhelm 11 and Adolf Hitler.  The most important were imperialism and colonial rivalries and secondly, militarism and the arms race.

These are also likely to be also the causes of the third world war.  Whilst third world countries are sleeping on duty, their Caucasian counterparts are busy developing deadly weapons, in collaboration with their entrepreneurs.

South Africa, dismantled its only nuclear power station at Koeberg , in the Western Cape, after Mandela was promised not to keep a deadly weapon in his laundry. Africa was promised everlasting peace and harmony, that is in cognisant with European lifestyles. And third world governments are still clung to AK47s, made in the early 50s. And deadly killing machines are reserved for the Aryan race and why?

Let me debunk that Russia and Japan are compared as one, in stoking fires that will burn them one day. Japan was in alliance with Italy and Germany, and the three had plans to conquer the world like what is the mission of the United States right now.

 ” You are either with us, or against us” theory which was popularized by George W. Bush during his war on terror. Russia has some differences with Ukraine which are amplified by NATO. Ukraine is enticed to join the European Union, which Russia feels it will be a threat to its national security.

The US, Britain and France had this week given Ukraine tactical weapons that is capable of hitting Leningrad, Moscow, etc. So criminals are within reach but they are untouchable. Laws are changed to meet the daily challenges of Fascism.

” There is no need for the United Kingdom to apologise for its history, as  that would  only show weak-mindedness”-( The Indian Emperor Jacob Rees-Mogg).

 For the past 6 months Zelensky was begging Europe for weapons, as he had only shot and pellet guns left in his stock. So l don’t think Putin is making the same mistake as Japan did in the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Europe and America are fighting Russia in Ukraine’s corner. Finish and klaar. The countries are simply protecting their national interests not Ukraine’s. Ukraine is just a strategic partner, full stop. Libya, Iraq, and Afghanistan are pilot studies of how America’ s foreign policy works.

In the first place, the Bible was used to christianize third worlders, now it’s democracy. Accept LGBTQ+, it’s democracy, accept transgender, it’s democracy, accept popular culture, it’s democracy etc.

We also have our cultures completely different from theirs, so where do they fit in? Our cultures have been bastardized, our African magicians to appear ” woke “, they are now serious prophets who can foretell the day one gonna die.

 They are living in huge mansions as God favours the anointed. Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association is now in moribund. Africa possesses all medicinal plants that can change its reliance on western medicines. But now every African is aping the white man’s s way of doing things.

The ” Black Member theory” was popularized by a certain Roman Catholic priest on a mass vigil of a departed Catholic. Let me call this Gokomere Mission priest, Father X, ( for ethical reasons).

Father X was giving a sermon on how a ” black Mamba” fits among the rock rabbits. He asked congregants one hard and simple question.

Why the black mamba live side  by side by rock rabbits, which it then attacks them stealthily?, killing them one by one and still manage to live with them in the same cave?

The congregants could not fix the puzzle. And Priest X, finally dismantled the puzzle. He told us the modus operandi of the black mamba how it fits in amongst rock rabbits.

He said, “there are times when rock rabbits go astray looking for food down the mountain, that is when the mamba strikes one or two of them.  As they scream to meet their agonizing deaths, the other rabbits will run back to their shelter.

And surprisingly they will get back together with the mamba in the cave, all breathing profusely; and the rabbits will think, he is one of us. We are together in this problem. Clandestinely it will go back to its prey to suck blood and waiting for them to decompose and feed on other accessories.”

That is how Europe and America apply the ” black mamba theory” with efficacy. Libyans, Iraqis, and Afghanistans thought that America was on their side, only to be left without firepower, electricity and functioning governments.

 And they are now simply called banana republics ( failed states of some sort). Zelensky might think they are with him, but ” Aweh deh’, one day he will be exposed. The US army spent 20 years in Afghanistan fighting an invisible enemy?

Now they are in Ukraine, lets hope this will take 50 years, as all other American projects have been have been put on hold or operating on small scale as to concentrate on Russia. America still views Russia as the old Soviet Republic that needs some baptism.

“Repentance is the virtue of weak minds”- John Dryden, 1631 to 1700

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