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Talking he goat causes stir in Chipinge


MT SELINDA-A talking stray he goat has caused a stir in Chipinge as it is allegedly eating meat, people’s food from restaurants, vegetables and overturning rubbish bins foraging for left overs.

According to sources who spoke to The Midweek Watch the goat has been roaming around Chako Business Centre in Mt Selinda, Chipinge for almost 15 years and behaving in very strange ways and people suspect that it has a human spirit.

“The goat behaves like a human being and it is suspected that the goat has a human spirit after someone was killed for sleeping with a married woman and the goat is behaving like its possessed with an avenging spirit,” said the woman on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals from the ‘possessed goat’.

The woman also told The Midweek Watch that one Tinashe Ngwenya tried to sell the goat to an Inter Africa Bus driver to no avail.

“Ngwenya knew that the mischievous goat roams around Chako shops and does not seem to have an owner hence he wanted to earn some money by selling the goat to an unsuspecting Inter Africa Bus driver.

“Trouble came when he wanted to load the goat into the bus after getting paid his dues, as it flatly ‘refused’ like a human being, it is alleged the goat said, ‘ndidzoserei kwamanditora’ while standing on two legs like a human being.

“Despite efforts by other touts to push it inside the boot of the bus, all that was in vain as it easily overpowered them,” said the source.

Soon after the failed bid to sell the goat, the seller had a mysterious fall from an avocado fruit tree and sustained severe back injuries, Tadious Ngadziore, councilor for ward 19 Chipinge Rural District Council confirmed this to The Midweek Watch.

He was rushed to Chimoio in Mozambique where he is receiving treatment.

Ngadziore said the community should simply leave the goat alone before it causes more harm to other people.

 Sources also told this publication that some community members tried to kill the mysterious goat to no avail as it recovered very quickly from wounds inflicted on it including a catapult shot in the eye.

 Reverend Mugove Chikarakara from Masvingo City assembly of Harvest House International said people should put their faith in God and not delve into witchcraft practices.

He said this will help in driving away such evil spirits in the community.

A official from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said they will track the goat and take it in as part of their mandate to prevent cruelty to domestic animals.

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