Survey-schools open smoothly in Masvingo City


MASVINGO – The re-opening of most schools in Masvingo urban progressed well as learners and teachers began the term without any incidences, The Midweek Watch snap survey confirms.

In most urban schools visited by this publication it was business as usual although at some schools there was congestion and confusion for grade 1 and form 1 learners.

No reports of pupils being turned away for none payment of school fees were recorded by midafternoon.

At other schools parents were seen swarming the schools reception area, making last minute school fees payments, while others had varying concerns that they needed to be addressed by school authorities.

At Victoria Junior, there was a lot congestion of motor vehicles as parents were dropping off learners probably as a way of making sure that the first time learners get to the school.

Teachers could be seen busy screening and assisting new learners and being put in different classes.

Masvingo Municipality run Francis Aphiri Primary School, with the biggest enrolment in the Province seemed to be the highest school which still had parents looking for a place of learning on opening day, this is despite that the school having a blotted enrolment.

The same goes on for Shakashe Primary School which is in Rujeko high density residential area.


  A visit to Victoria High School told a different story with the school headmaster being forced to address and turn away parents who had thronged the school seeking enrollment for their children on opening day.

Although being told that the school can no longer accommodate new entrants some parents stayed put hoping the authorities will have a change of heart as the day progresses.

“I am hopeful that my child will get a place here I will mill around the school and wait until the headmaster has finished attending to other parents concerns and try to sweet talk him into accepting my child,” said one parent who was seeking a form two place for her son.

The Masvingo Provincial Education Director, Shylette Mhike told The Midweek Watch that so far there has not been any queries or problems from schools throughout the province pertaining the re-opening of schools today.

“The re-opening of schools throughout the province has been moving smoothly today and we have not received any queries  or complaints on schools opening”, said Mhike.  

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