Student rushing for exams fatally hit Matova pupil

-Cops passengers conspire to cover up


MASVINGO – A Gokomere High School form 4 girl who was writing examinations from home after being expelled from boarding for misconduct allegedly fatally hit a pupil.

The form 4 girl was driving from Harare to write examinations at Gokomere High as she had been expelled from boarding school for misconduct.

She allegedly hit the grade 4 pupil who was going home from Matova Primary about 21km from Masvingo City along Harare Road on Wednesday afternoon, sources told The Midweek Watch.

Acting Masvingo Province Police spokesperson, Segreant Lloyd Masundire confirmed the sad news but promised to provide the details in due course.

According to sources the deceased, Misheck Makuvire who was in company of other pupils from Matova Primary were crossing the highway when he was hit by the car which was being driven by the Gokomere girl.

“Some of his school mates crossed the road successfully to the other side and when he wanted to follow them he was hit by a car and died on the spot. The pupils that we talked to said the vehicle was being driven by a the girl, but Police details in the car are trying to change the story to appear as if the car was being driven by a male in the car believed to be the brother or boyfriend.

“The girl was going to write her final examinations at Gokomere High School,” said the source on condition of anonymity.

It is said when the Police arrived, they found the body some 14 meters away from the scene and the narrative from the ‘driver’ was different from eyewitnesses.

The body is currently at Masvingo Provincial Hospital where it is in the mortuary awaiting postmortem.

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