“Stay Woke”


Listening to the South African Broadcasting Corporation television news on the 2nd of March 2024; opposition parties were launching their political manifestos.

And l said to myself, this is a marvel of the so-called democracy.

Only one thing obliterated their manifestos as all parties selling their brands included a promise of getting rid of foreigners in their land.

 They see foreigners as people who are eating away their lunches and criminal syndicates. Waal, this is a much touted populism stance in South African politics; that foreigners are harbingers of their economic malaise.

Only the Economic Freedom Fighters party of Julius Malema sings a different song of Pan-Africanism, it does not subscribe to that cheap politicking.

Currently the Minister of Home Affairs, Aaron Motsoaledi of the African National Congress is appealing against the extension of the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit.

He is also feeding in the same tray with some opposition parties in South Africa, who copied the discourse from the former mayor of Johannesburg, Henry  Mashaba (Democratic Alliance), who became a celebrity by denouncing Zimbabweans in his country.

 It is election time and all gullible black South Africans view Pakistanis, Eritreans, Zimbabweans, Mozambicans, etcetera as foreigners taking away their opportunities.

 Anyone from Botswana, Eswatini, Lesotho, Europe, Australia, and America, to them is not a foreigner but a God given investor.

 Dudula launched their branches in every South African province with the tacit approval of the ANC. The organization was not a piecemeal but a full house with the South African Police in all their launches providing security and peace but promoting calculated violence covertly.

 It was an illegal project but the government of the time protected it. Its duty was to get rid of illegal settlers in Azania. They killed, maimed and torched houses of the so-called foreigners.

 Forgetting that the bases of their freedom fighters were in all Front Line countries. All South African political parties have cancerous xenophobes except the Economic Freedom Fighters party of Julius Malema. All cash heists, murders, rape, etc are blamed on foreigners.

Wokery simply means ‘ aware of racial and social injustice issues (from African -American slang expression ‘ stay woke.’ Race issues in South Africa are mostly brought up during election times; if a party wants to garner more of the election pie, it quotes some xenophobic remarks in your speeches.

 And black South Africans often forget that what marginalised them for a century was racial issues engineered by America which now wants to teach every dog human rights, freedom of speech and association, property rights etc.

All what it says has long being practiced in the African continent (Ubuntu). It is just re- inventing the wheel, and gullible Africans always take that message line, hook and sinker.  Africans please “stay woke”.

Some African leaders are naive; once they are touted as champions of democracy and receive foreign direct investment, they usually sell out.

 They forget that, these same blood thirst racists people have done this to Sadaam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Robert Mugabe, Muammar Kaddafi, etc. The moment you begin to disagree with them you become their eternal enemy.

They will make sure they destroy you, unfortunately some African leaders are in denial mode.

The sanctions which were imposed on Zimbabwe are affecting ordinary Zimbabweans. Our country has been cut off from all international financial institutions, the chief culprits are the International Monetary Fund and World Bank.

They bet on behalf of the American government, they cheat and trick third world countries to adopt their structural adjustment programs.

 These two institutions are responsible for Zimbabwe’ s economic quandary. Yes, the guys at Munhumutapa are blamed for everything whilst the real rough-necks go Scot- free.

 Our social and economic justices are being trampled upon by the United States. We had been a colony of Britain and now America wants to be felt here.

 It is crying more than the bereaved. Britain is trying by all means to warm up to Zimbabwe but the US, is denying the two that opportunity.

The British are loved by Zimbabweans and America knows that if Britain gets back in the country, it will be the first beneficiary of all rare earth minerals.

So, the US wants to push and extend its tentacles in every corner of the globe; and then George Orwell’ s novel 1984′ s prophecy will be fulfilled. Everyone who uses their hi- tech is remotely linked to triple 6.

Why this imperialistic’ stance in the 21st century? It is because of greediness, power and wealthy, these Europeans want to impose upon people of inferior races.

 The colonisation of the Cape in 1652, and Zimbabwe in 1890, September, is just the same, but now using populist ideologies like democracy.

Right now, America is complaining of the decline of democracy in the world. Third world countries have noticed that this theory is just fake.

That is why the American Congress is supporting wars everywhere in the world, discarding the use of diplomacy and statesmanship.

 The country is now employing force everywhere, lawfare against Donald Trump. Let’s hope that he wins and stop the nonsensical approaches by Jake Sullivan and Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden used to own Ukraine with its corrupt leaders. So, the dad is fighting in his son’s corner. Shame on you hypocrite! I am praying every day that Mr Trump wins and Make America Great Again!

 African- Americans, you have been used by the Democratic Party for centuries, please leave this sinking ship and make America great again.

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