St Francis of Assisi dissolves SDC for insubordination

-Ministry dispatches investigation team


CHIKOMBA-Roman Catholic Church run, St Francis of Assisi College in Nharira has allegedly dissolved the entire School Development Committee for insubordination.

The Midweek Watch has been inundated with calls from parents and concerned individuals after the responsible authority dismissed the entire SDC for questioning the recent purchase of a kombi, Toyota D4D without going to tender, unprocedural hiring of casual staff, buying a single beast for US$900 and unsanctioned levies among others.

“Elections to chose an SDC were held in June, but because the favoured ones did not get elected and those elected were plugged from the committee one by one until the SDC was rendered dysfunctional.

“The moment the SDC started questioning the actions of the school that had financial bearings the tables started turning and the vocal ones were targeted until recently when they fired the last worker employed by the SDC.

The lady had served the school since 2011 but she was unceremoniously dismissed without any benefits on the grounds that there was no more SDC hence she should leave,” said a parent on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

When contacted for a comment, St Francis of Assisi acting head, Patrick Mangara referred this reporter to the District Schools Inspector for Chikomba, Emmanuel Kwenda.

Kwenda said he is more concerned about learners’ problems which affect their education than such issues which are more of administrative.

“If learners are going to school, I am happy, the most important thing is for them to do what they came for. We are more concerned about pupils going to school.

“Anyway, I will come back to you in due course right now I am attending to other pressing issues,” said Kwenda.

Brother George Machega, who is in charge of the college said the newspaper should go ahead and write the stories like the last time without his input.

“Isn’t it what you wrote before in your newspaper,” said Brother Machega before hanging up.

Another parent told this publication that Harare Diocese education secretary, Sister Claris Govo vehemently vowed that they will never be an SDC at the college because their policy does not allow for the establishment of a parents association at their schools.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education Director of Communications and Advocacy, Taungana Ndoro said it is a Ministry policy to have an SDC at all the schools in the country.

“It is actually illegal not to have an SDC at the school and we are going to dispatch a team on Monday to investigate why there is no SDC at St Francis of Assisi,” said Ndoro.

According to sources at the school the last employee to have her contract terminated is one identified as Mahachi.

The source said Mahachi’s unfair dismissal was reported to the National Employment Council for Welfare and Educational Institutions in Marondera for determination.

A first meeting was held and the school was represented by one Albert Dafana and the NEC was represented by a Ms Deda, where the parties agreed to convene a meeting to discuss the quantum of Mahachi’s dues this month.

It is said that the school was arguing that Mahachi was employed by the SDC which was no longer in existence hence the termination of employment.

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