Son mistaken for baboon fatally shot in the mouth


HEADLANDS-In a shocking incident of mistaken identity, a man fatally shot his son straight in the mouth after he mistook the victim for a baboon.

The father from Village 20A Fairfield Farm Headlands shot his son directly in the mouth with a Winchester rifle, after he had mistaken him for a baboon.

Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka told The Midweek Watch that on 26 March at around 10pm, Isaac Nyakurehwa(78) took his son Innocent Nyakurehwa(46) to the fields to chase baboons that were feasting on the green mealies.

Isaac took his Winchester rifle, serial number 22550 calibre 22 with a certificate number 5189196 CFR 150440 for crop and livestock protection.

Whilst at the fields, Isaac saw a shadowy movement at a nearby hill and thought it was a baboon. He then fired shots towards the objet. Innocent started screaming that is when he realized that he had shot his son.

Isaac ran towards Innocent to assist him, that is when he realized that he had shot him in the mouth.

Isaac ran to his neighbor, Hillary Mupfumba for assistance, who ran to the scene and found Innocent lifeless lying next to a hill.

Mupfumba went back home to take a blanket and covered Innocent and then made a report to the police.

CID Rusape and ZRP Rusape attended the scene and Isaac was arrested, Innocent’s body was taken to Rusape Hospital for a post-mortem.

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