Soccer fans disappointed!

Since Independence Soccer fans or owners of the game have watched national team games in local stadiums. Under this over praised so called Second Republic, little Rwanda and now South Africa are now hosting our ‘home’ games.

This is pathetic.The sovereignty of Zimbabwe has been sold for three pieces of silver by this regime.CAF and FIFA didn’t condemn these stadium on their first inspection visits but they wrote and presented an inspection report more than three times.They pointed out areas which needed attention.

The government who are the owners of National Sports Stadium never bothered to react.The ZanuPF as usual thought playing political sanctions blame game would triumph in sport.Soccer has rules.CAF and FIFA acted on their inspection report.CAF and FIFA are unlike SADC which has never acted on the Election Observation Mission Report.

The CAF and FIFA inspection committee visited Zimbabwe about three times.The government never moved an inch to the demands of the inspection reports.

When CAF and FIFA inspection committee were to make the last inspection and give a verdict, the government embarrassingly only painted dressing rooms and toilets.

Zimbabwean government is to blame for the banning of our stadiums.The result of clueless, useless and tired leadership is there for all to see.

The Minister of Sport promised the nation that Zimbabwean Warriors next World Cup qualifers will be in the National Sports Stadium.We are certain we will play our Lesotho home away from home.This is failure.An unfulfilled promise in other countries means the Minister will resign.

Vice President Kembo Mohadi toured the stadiums recently. William Shakespeare in MacBeth said “Full of sound but signifying nothing”.This was only to manage the political embarrassment of having a nation to play home games away from home.

The Vice President and the ZanuPF government knew that the stadium were banned years back but never bothered to react.They find it appropriate to answer soccer Fan’s disappointment by smokescreen stage managed visits.They know Lesotho game will definitely be played in South Africa but they have promised to renovate ….”Totambira hedu South Africa asi honai Vice President chaivo ndivo vatova kudzifambira zvava kuzonaka” . Hogwash! Taking voters for a ride.

Zimbabwe can qualify for World Cup or win the African Nations cup but we don’t have both political and sport leadership.Zimbabwe needs new leadership.

🇿🇼☝🏿🇿🇼 Patriotic Papa JC speaks soccer when things are not good for citizens of Zimbabwe who want positive change.

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