So, help me God!

By Nyashadzaishe Rushwaya

When God favours a man, He settles him. He changes his status of labour to favour. He makes him prosperous and makes his enemies to be at peace with him.

For, there to be divine settlement, there must be divine intervention. There is always a time and season for the reign of a man.

 It is just a matter of time. They are different situations that need to be settled in life. 

Firstly, those who are in the prisons of life. The category of people that God will remember are those who might be experiencing many forms of captivity. In the plan of God, after prison experience comes the palace and glory. Genesis 41:14 .

 In the schedule for divine settlement, location does not stop God from doing the best for us. Rather what counts most are God’s time and His presence.

Secondly, those that nature cannot support their miracles anymore. They are people in a situation that even nature and things around you do not work for your good.

Rejoice because your season of divine remembrance has come. With God all things are possible. Nature may pause you or suggest that you are written off but God has come to settle you.

 He is moving you forward and upward. We do not serve a static God but a dynamic God. In case they have said that you are in your menopause and you cannot conceive or get married.

Men may pause you as the name implies(literally), “menopause”. Trust God for that miracle and it shall be so. Imagine Sarah coming out for prayers to conceive a child, everyone would mock her and maybe the Pastor would struggle with his faith to release the anointing. But Sarah relied on God.

When nature gives you a disadvantage, hold unto God, He will surely give you an advantage. Genesis 21:6-7

 Thirdly, those who are toiling and  produce no fruits or evidence of working hard.

Christians work by favour and mercy from God. God is in the business of clearing our paths. When He orders us, there are no pitfalls but elevations and honour. Much toiling may get you there but without grace you may not enjoy the achievement.  Luke 5:4-7

Most times when God decides to favour a man, a question is often asked. It could be a question from our enemies to mock or a friend to honour us.

 No matter the battles in your life, God will preserve you till your day of glory and honour. The future is bright for you, do not give up now. There shall be joy tomorrow.

Let’s remember that we have to work so that the dreams that we have can also be filled. We can’t only sit down or kneel down and pray without working and expect to have a meal straight from heaven… never people should work.

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