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Sniper Storm finally bags car from Wicknell

Zimbabwe’s popular ‘blesser’ Wicknell Chivayo has finally come through for veteran musician Sniper Storm by gifting him a brand new car.

Sniper Storm made headlines recently when he openly begged for a car from the businessman who is renowned for gifting ZANU PF sympathizers across the country.

So far, he has splurged close to a million dollars on brand-new expensive cars and houses on different people.

Sniper begs for a car from Wicknell

In his message to Wicknell Chivayo, Sniper Storm said he has been loyal to ZANU PF and has been part of their programs for a long time.

Greetings @sir_wicknell, Chekutanga ndinotenda nebasa ramabata masvondo apfuura aya kuMasowe nekuvaiimbi muchitenda mabasa nekushanda neZanu PF Ndaona mati Chirongwa chapera, asi…

Nemashoko enyu ndotiwo “kana muchikwanisa muine zvamuchaita pamberi mundi rangarirewo”

Basa ndenge ndichibata hangu over the years ndichifamba nawo musangano we Zanu PF from as early as I can remember during my music career.

From National Galas, Rallies, Songs and jingles for events and various MPs and in support of the Zanu PF party and The President himself during every election and I am still steadfast up to now.

Ndiri mwana wemusangano akakwana uye anotumika.

Mukati imomo mune maComrades, anopupura nebasa randabata over the years tisingataure hedu mazita.

Kunyarara kuremekedza process asi ndatoonawo ipapa kuti pamwe pacho mwana asingacheme anofira mumbereko. Kunyarara kunokwadzisa.

Wicknell comes through for Sniper Storm

Sniper received some backlash from some social media users saying that a man should not be seen begging another man, however, this drew attention to one of Sir Wicknell’s associates who pleaded with the businessman to consider his plight.

Taking to Facebook, Wickenall said;

A certain woman that I love with all my heart and have a lot of respect for called me last week and ordered me not to ignore this message by SNIPERSTORM…She also said she felt pitty for him the whole internet was laughing at him for asking…

Nothing wrong in trying your luck and pamunoseka vamwe MWARI VANONZWA…Having said that TODAY it’s a big Congratulations to SNIPERSTORM… Please go to ENTERPRISE CAR SALES see MADZIBABA CHIPAGA your Mercedes Benz C200 is ready for collection…

Thank you for your immense contribution at our Zanu PF rallies for a very long time. Please enjoy your new car. GOD BLESS YOU.. ZANU PF CHIORORO…EDELIVERS… EDHUCHI…EDWORKS…2030 ANENGE ARIPO…🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼

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