Sigauke shines at THZ out growers awards


CHIREDZI- Last week Tongaat Hullet Zimbabwe (THZ) held its Annual Sugarcane Outgrowers Farmer Awards at the Triangle Country Club and Samson Sigauke from Mupapa, Triangle walked away with the overall winner.

The awards are meant to motivate farmers to commercialize their business to be profitable rather than to operate from hand to mouth. Farmers are also encouraged to fully utilize the land and improve yields.

The competitions had five main categories Best Female, Best Youth, Small scale farmers, Medium scale farmers, Large Scale Farmers and Best Overall Winner per mill namely Triangle, Hippo Valley, Mkwasine, Hippo valley Estate and Triangle Estate mill groups.

Sigauke said that these awards keep them going forward since being recognized for one’s hard work motivates one to work even much harder.

He said that they are facing water challenges which is caused by siltation in the river, power cuts and sometimes break downs of water pumps.

” I feel very honored that I have become the best among 1 200 farmers, these awards keep us going knowing that there are people who are observing us for the better. It motivates us to do much better. However, water is one of our biggest challenges as a result it affects our yields in a great way,” said Sigauke.

Best Female winners were Gondodza Easter from Triangle, Mudhaniso Miriam from Hippo Valley, Mhanga Sibusiso from Mkwasine, Muzhira Veronica from Hippo valley estate and Manga Tsatsawani from Triangle estate.

Best Youth winners were Kunjinga Nyaradzo from Triangle, Lawrence Kanda from Hippo Valley, Zinyoro Mergan from Mkwasine, Ndanatsei Chikwama from Hippo Valley Estate and Mudyawabikwa Munyaradzi from Triangle Estate.

Best Small scale winners were Bhande Taona from Triangle, Chigumo Ishmael from Hippo Valley, Uche Njodzi from Mkwasine, Musandinane Effort from Hippo Valley Estate and Livombo Musisinyane from Triangle Estate.

THZ technical services executive, Pitiel Mujuru told the guests that Chiredzi has 6% of fallow land which means there is need for farmers to improve their business.

Although there are inputs, water and new challenges being faced there is need for the farmers to innovative and overcome the challenge.

” Of the developed 46 000 hectares of land we have 13 318 hectares as of today which is fallow land, we need to fully utilize the land and produce high yields challenges are there, but we have to overcome them,” said Mujuru.

Best medium scale winners were Sigauke Samson from Triangle, Poshai James from Hippo Valley, Maganda Obert from Mkwasine,  Chimanje Titus from Hippo Valley Estate and Musisinyane Musvaledze from Triangle Estate.

All the above received input pack for 2 hectares which had 8 bags of SSP, 8 bags of MOP, 18 bags of Urea, 20 liters of pre emergency and 20 liters of post emergency.

Best large scale winners were Francis Moyo from Triangle, Scruddo which is under Croco Motors from Hippo Valley and Chipere Stanly from Mkwasine.

They received an input pack for 3 hectares which had 12 bags of SSP, 12 bags of MOP, 27 bags of Urea, 20 litres pre emergency and 20 litres post emergency.

Best overall winner, Sigauke walked away with an input pack for 5 hectares which had 20 bags of SSP, 20 bags of MOP, 45 bags of Urea, 20 litres of pre emergency and 20 litre of post emergency and a floating trophy.

Sibusiso Mhlanga expressed her joy in attaining her first ever prize as Best Female farmer from Mkwasine mill group.

However, she explained that they are facing water and late arrival of inputs from THZ problems which are great challenges in maximizing their yields.

“This is my first time receiving an award so I feel very happy, however it was not easy, we worked so hard and also faced water challenges and also inputs from THZ come late which affects our yields,” said Mhlanga.

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