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Shoddy signage on highway

The Editor,


In the social media circles l am called a ‘ Praise and Worship Lieutenant.’ This nom de guerre depicts passivity, some yes man of some sort who doesn’t raise any dissenting voice in anything that negatively or positively affect him.

I am patriotic to my country but l don’t support mediocrity whether by ruling party cadres or opposition activists. I am a Pan- Africanist, ( someone who supports the principle or advocacy of political alliance or union of all states of Africa). It is just a principle of proudly African and unity of Africa.

So, if l say a constitutionless party is a Hezbollah of some sort, don’t think l am ‘ Varakashi,’ and if l say land barons are capitalistic thieves, also don’t begrudge me. I love Zimbabwe and it is my home and will remain my hood. As l was cycling from Gokomere to Masvingo City, on the newly completed Masvingo ne Carpet road; sure Masimba Contractor did a wonderful job.

The road doesn’t have any corrugations, or anything that a motorist can complain of. The road is just good as N1 high way of South Africa.

Only some few blights will be picked up from any good project, although the strengths outweigh the weaknesses on this project (Harare- Masvingo Highway). Masimba Limited was the main contractor which did the Chaka- Masvingo phase of the highway.

Masimba Ltd, had to sub contract some other companies to do the job for itself. The company which was sub contracted to put traffic signals, short changed Masimba. Most of its signs are now falling down, the type of poles they used were of poor quality.

Termites are destroying them, which means these poles were not treated properly. Because treated gum poles from Mtao Forest ( Fairfield) can last for about 100 years or more. These are boiled in a boiler filled with creosote up to a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius. So mere termites don’t even taste or get nearer it.

Although this is a multi pronged issue, it needs some sober minds to debunk who fooled who, in the supply chain management.

 It is either the road traffic contractor buyer was conned in buying poor quality poles. Or he connived with the cheap gum pole supplier to reap his company off. Or the whole procurement committee of the company deliberately bought cheap quality poles, to get paid for the job poorly done and to save their balance sheet.

 Next time when contractors of this calibre fail to get government tenders, just blame yourselves. Yes, you were paid, for the unfinished job, which will remain work in progress. I think if the contractor can collect his good quality road signs, littering our Downing Street, the better.

Munhu Mutapa

Bethel Farm- Chumi


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