Sheilah Chikomo…Mwenezi’s shining armour

By Cuthbert Mashoko

The four months which Sheillah Chikomo (MP) has been in office, since her historic appointment as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade had been gem packed and enough a test for the young and insightful legislator to prove her mettle.

The World Trade Organisation 13th Ministerial Conference in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in February, was the ice breaking event for Chikomo in her capacity as the Deputy Minister.

Chikomo’s contribution at the world event was enough to prove any doubting Thomases about her ability to lead at the highest level.

She rose to the occasion at this world stage as she lamented the effects of the imposition of unilateral measures against the developing world. Her input, which castigated unilateralism was spot on, as it clearly outlined how the developing world was at the receiving end of the western world’s bullying tactics.

The Deputy Minister was not hesitant to pin point how Zimbabwe had been a victim of unilateral measures through the illegal and unjustified sanctions which have retarded the economic growth and economic participation of the Southern African nation on the global market .

The classical contribution of the young Deputy Minister in Abu Dhabi, was enough for the nation to appreciate the vast energy and ability in her which later became her trademark as witnessed in the several missions which followed thereafter.

The 3rd Rwanda-Zimbabwe Business Forum in March, where she was the head of the Zimbabwean delegation is one such mission on the regional front where she shone like a beacon.

The event unearthed possible avenues of cooperation which the two sister nations could exploit as they enhance regional cooperation. Her distinct speech brought to the fore the mutual bilateral ties between the two nations and the possible ways of enhancing trade.

As they say, charity begins at home, Chikomo who doubles up as the legislator for Mwenezi East Constituency has continued to link up with her roots despite the ever demanding nature of her new role.

 The Deputy Minister was the guest of honour at the Independence celebrations that were held at Nyuni Primary School in Mwenezi East. The celebrations were an opportunity for the Deputy Minister to show her unquestionable allegiance to the people of Mwenezi.

Sheillah Chikomo during the Independence celebrations at Nyuni School in Mwenezi.

On the national scene, The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA)’s African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AFCFTA) conference which was held in the capital on 6 March is among the major events which the Deputy Minister has graced as a guest of honour.

 The conference, among other things focused on creating a single continental market for goods and services, a move that is geared towards boosting industrialisation and development for the continent.

 This is in line with the African Union Agenda 2063 and most importantly, it is a vehicle in the realisation of Vision 2030 which seeks to transform Zimbabwe into an upper middle class society by the year 2030.

 The majestic performance of Chikomo, given her age, gives testimony to the abundant talent in the youth which has to be tapped as they are systematically inducted into leadership.

 The Second Republic under the able leadership of President Mnangagwa has made remarkable strides in youth inclusion, as witnessed by a number of youth occupying posts of influence in Government.

Chikomo continues to fly the Mwenezi and national flag high, we continue to watch in admiration.

Let the good times roll, as the dynamites continue to explode from small packages.

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