Shava laid to rest


Macdonald Shava, a Mvuma born and bred intelligence operative, who was based at Masvingo’s Black Gate who died Tuesday 30 April 2024, has been laid to rest.

Mac was laid to rest in the mining town of Mvuma where tens of people from Masvingo and the surrounding communities thronged his homestead to pay their last respects.

He was 41.

Speaker after speaker showered praises on Mac who was described as humble and patriotic.

Mac was the first born in a family of six. He attended Mvuma Primary School (Class of 96), and Leopold Takawira High school (class of 2000).

Macdonald was in the first group of the National Youth Service (Pioneer Class), to be recruited and was oriented in Mt. Darwin.

MacDonald Shava’s body.

In 2001, he joined the Zimbabwe National Army and joined the President’s Office in 2003, till the day his untimely demise.

Macdonald “Burombo Jay Zee” Shava was known in Masvingo City as a footballer, charming and ever-smiling Arsenal staunch fan. To foes alike, they called him a ruthless enforcer.

Mac was born in Mvuma and his father, the late Joseph ” Burombo Jayzee” Shava was a decorated veteran of the liberation struggle.

Mac is survived by his wife and one child, and siblings.

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