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 SDAs association calls for currency compliance in schools

Edwin Moyo

As schools open tomorrow for the second term, the Association of Schools Development Associations and Committees is urging schools to follow Government directive and accept the police backed ZiG for fees in order to avoid falling foul of the law.

This follows emerging reports that some schools were charging exorbitant fees when one is paying using the new ZiG as compared to the USD.

This has seen parents and guardians complaining about the schools’ behaviour as most of them are getting their pay checks in local currency.

 National coordinator of the ASDAC, Banny Manokore told The Midweek Watch said it was important for schools to adhere to the government’s currency acceptance policy.

“It is very important for schools to know that, the ZIG money is our own currency which is meant to serve us, how then do we progress if we deny our own currency as a people.

“Remember the currency policy is there to safeguard the use of our currency considering the country’s economic conditions,” said Manokore.

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