Saintfloew to ignite Caravan Park


MASVINGO- The rhythmic beats of Zimbabwean Hip Hop is set to reverberate again in the streets of Masvingo as SaintFloew, acclaimed artist of the  genre, lands for an electrifying live performance at Caravan Park on May 18.

The Hip Hop sensation born Tawanda Mambo will be the main act supported by Nisha Ts who is an upcoming female artist.

Nisha Ts real name Nisha Tsuro and Saintfloew  recently collaborated on the track Kutsamwa Kune Labour, which marks Nisha Ts’ debut for 2024.

The two who are currently occupying the centre stage of the Hip Hop music with their hit song Kutsamwa Kune Labour will be supported by other Hip Hop upcoming artist who will be unveiled on the day.

VIP tickets will be going for US$15 whilst ordinary tickets will be sold at US$5 per head.

In an interview with The Midweek Watch, Caravan Park resident disc journey, DJ Maestro real name Tapiwa Godi said that the show is expected to be bigger and better compared to the last time when Saintfloew last visited Masvingo.

“This show is guaranteed to be bigger and better compared to the last time when SaintFloew was here for his Rise and Lead album tour last year,

“Fliers and adverts have been circulated on time and the feedback is overwhelming,

“Tickets are being pre-sold and those who want theirs before the date can go to Caravan Park for more details,

“We are bringing a female main act to the stage who is the talk of the streets at the moment and targeting to inspire upcoming artists as well because there will be other upcoming artists on the stage to support this event,” said DJ Maestro.

DJ Maestro also said that all beer prices have been slashed with local brown pints selling at 75c.

“I am also pleased to announce that our fans should not bother to bring any beer from outside, because all types of beer are in stock.

“Additionally, our prices have been slashed to what we call the winter promotion.

“For example, all green local beer bottles are being sold at dollar each while the ciders which were selling at US$2 previously are now US1.50.

“As usual Caravan Park is the leading entertainment hub in Masvingo that is why we will work on bringing at least a renowned artist every month,

“Fans should also be prepared for the Africa Day as we have something big prepared for them,” said Godi.

The show will be driven by Masvingo pioneer DJs namely Uncle Kauleza real name Augustine Mhembere alongside Masvingo popular C- Rollz real name Roland.

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