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Rwodzi to ‘deal’ with Churmanzu councillors fingered in free Gvt inputs corruption


CHIRUMANZU-Chirumanzu Constituency legislator who is also Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Barbara Rwodzi has promised to come down hard on councillors in her area being accused of stealing free Government agriculture inputs.

In a Chirumanzu WhatsApp group which this reporter is a member a number of councillors are accused of corruption in disbursing free Government agriculture inputs like fertilizers, maize seed, knap sack sprayers and chemicals.

Rwodzi had no kind words for the corrupt councillors and promised to deal with them as they are thieves and are not good public officials bend on derailing Government programs.

“I will go to the bottom of the matter and ensure that the culprits are apprehended and dealt with in the most appropriate manner.

“The Government is trying to feed people and some leaders are going behind stealing the inputs, that is pure sabotage of Government programs and efforts to feed the nation,” said Rwodzi.

This was after The Midweek Watch had called her for her comment on councillors accused of corruption, especially Zvenyika Makanda of ward 9 who was accused in the group of installing fake village heads who went on to receive Government inputs.

After receiving four bags of fertilizer each, they allegedly went on to sell the loot together with councillor Makanda according to one of the group members.

When contacted for a comment, Cllr Makanda vehemently denied the allegations and asked for the names of those accusing him of corruption.

“I totally deny the allegations, I have never in my life as councillor sold any Government inputs for my sole benefit.

“That is purely politics at play, those people are trying to blackmail me for their political gains, ndozviramba pachena izvozvo,” said Cllr Makanda.

Last week on Friday, village heads were gathered at Hama Siyahokwe GMB depot where they received fertilizer bags and Cllr Makanda is accused of forwarding names of fake traditional leaders.

The alleged fake village heads were named as Oliver Hwinya, Tinos Nhodza, Phainos Muchena and Tongoona Mahuni.

It is said a fight broke out between headman Conelius Matsveru and Headman Joseph Bangure.

Bangure who is said to be the official headman accused Matsveru of impersonation resulting in a serious fist fight and villagers had to separate the two as they fought for the right to collect the Government inputs.

When contacted for a comment Zanu PF District Coordinating Committee chairperson for Chirumanzu, Erasmus Jaya said he had not been informed about the Government inputs corruption issue and the installation of fake village heads.

Jaya advised this reporter to talk to Chief Chirumanzu on issues involving traditional leaders.

“Thank you very much for your call and for letting us know about corruption in the district involving Government inputs and traditional leaders however, I think the best person to deal with the issue of fake traditional leaders is Chief Chirumanzu since they are all under his jurisdiction,” said Jaya.

The abuse of Government inputs is a problem that is refusing to go away in Chirumanzu as soon after the 2018 harmonised elections some councillors and former district administrator were arrested in connection with selling of the free inputs after this reporter exposed the scam.

Cases of corruption involving free Government inputs are rampant in the country because the distribution is done along party lines and those from the opposition and primary elections opponents often do not get the inputs for political reasons.

Several GMB managers have been implicated in theft of free inputs where some were inflating transport fees paid by villagers or selling the inputs from the depots to A2 farmers and retailors.

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