Rutenga hosts civil servants wellness tourney

                                                                                                     Cuthbert Mashoko

Rutenga Growth Point roared into life as it hosted the Mwenezi District Civil Servants Inter-Centre wellness and fitness Ball Games Tournament on 2 May.

Civil servants across all Government line ministries in Mwenezi District locked horns as they competed in soccer, netball and volleyball games.

Teams from the three centres in the district namely Rutenga, Neshuro and District Development Coordinator center battled it out in a tournament that was well attended by people from all walks of life.

The event kicked off with an address from the organisers of the tournament, who outlined the significance of the competitions. Andrew Ruzvidzo the event organiser thanked the civil servants in the district for availing themselves for the event and the commitment which they were giving to issues of wellness and fitness.

 “I appreciate the support which the civil servants in the district have shown to this noble cause. Your presence makes the event a success. It is my hope that the tournament will help in contributing to good health to each and every body of us” acknowledged Ruzvidzo.

 His sentiments concurred with the District Public Service Human Resources Director, Last Gondo, who applauded the civil servants for taking the games seriously.

“The Government is concerned about the welfare of its employees hence the wellness and fitness program which in our district we observe with the wellness and fitness programs on Wednesdays from 2 to 4 o’clock.

 “l call upon all civil servants in the district to take hid of this, since your health matters most,” said Gondo.

Assistant District Development Coordinator, Martin Unganai urged the participants to cheer each other during the competitions and have funny.

“Let’s cheer up each other in these competitions and enjoy. These games are there to help us do away with stress and other diseases which catch up with us due to lack of recreation,” advised Unganai .

Rutenga locked horns with the DDC center in a nail biting volleyball match which kept spectators on the edge.

Rutenga which was captained by Johnson Manyemba started on a low note as it failed to withstand the heat exerted by its opponents, who were ruthless with spikes which gave them a torrid time.

 The combination of Martin Unganai and Daniel Matsvaire was enough to take their team to victory in the first set.

Rutenga re-grouped in the second set and gave their opponents a good run for their money, scooping the winner and ultimately winning the third decisive set. However, Rutenga’s joy was short lived as they lost their second game to Neshuro which displayed some good volleyball skills much to the delight of the spectators.

It was also a battle for supremacy in netball, as the ladies sweated it out, Rutenga outclassed their opponents and topped the log without tasting defeat.

Viola Zemba of Neshuro was on top of her game as she showcased classical netball skills.

Mejury Chiwara a decorated sports teacher at Rutenga Primary did justice by superb umpiring of all the netball matches played.

In soccer it was Neshuro who carried the day, the team’s neat passes and the goal keeping skills of Edison Kuseka reminded many of the great Germany goalie, Oliver Khan powered the team to victory.

While the host team, Rutenga failed to register a win in both matches, July “Julo” Mananga was a marvel to watch. The DDC team settled for the second position with one win and a draw.

Indeed, it was a great day for civil servants, the drivers of government policy. Among the dignitaries who graced the event  were, the district schools inspector for Mwenezi Sherphard Mapara, Doctor  Irvine Mlambo, District Veterinary Doctor and Charles Dasva of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.


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