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Robbers abandon US$30k loot as Police open fire


CHIRUMHANZU-There was drama at a road block in Mvuma when robbers abandoned their truck with US$30 000 agricultural inputs as Police opened fire for refusing to stop.

 Police has arrested the five man gang who pounced on GMB Charandura Depot and robbed 29 tonnes of agricultural inputs worth USD$30 000.00.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko told The Midweek Watch that police are still hunting for the other six members of the gang who are on the run.

He said preliminary investigations are linking the robbery gang to other similar cases that occurred across the country recently.

Tirayi Dzimangi (52), Munesu Lazarous (37), Jofile Magwadi (53), Stephen Nhamo (38) all from Harare and Titus Marange (34) from Mutare were intercepted by the police on 13 October 2023 around 2:20Am, along Harare-Masvingo Highway.

Insp Mahoko said on the 12th of October around 9:30pm the gang went to GMB Charandura, and found two security guards on duty.

“They cut security fences of the depot and gained entry into the premises, before assaulting the guards using logs, they tied them using ropes, stuffed their mouths with pieces of clothes and placed them in a storm drain,” said Insp Mahoko.

He said the gang, after torturing security guards, they opened the gate and drove the DAF 15 tonne truck into the depot, loaded 540 bags of compound D fertilizer and 17 bags of shelled ground nuts before driving away.

However, they lost their luck after one security guard who was coming from church reported them to Charandura Police who informed their counterparts in Mvuma.

Mvuma Police mounted a road block to check the vehicle with such a description and when it arrived, they waved it to stop, but it did not.

As it drove away, they shot the tyres of the truck and it stopped with some of the robbers jumping off the vehicle making good their escape in movie style fashion as guns were blazing.

The Police managed to apprehend the other five while six others are still at large.

All inputs stolen from GMB Charandura were recovered.

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