RCZ holds Women Conference in Bikita 


MASVINGO-Reformed Church in Zimbabwe successfully hosted the National Women conference from 11- 14 April at Pamushana High School in Bikita to discuss business, gender, social and faith issues.

The conference ran under the Theme from Ephesians 6vs1.

RCZ’s partners who attended the Conference were Desmond Chimwara from ZB bank, Old Mutual Funeral Service marketing manager, Elias Murei, Masvingo provincial marketing and communication officer for Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council, Herbert Chikosi, Collen Chikova from NSSA and a marketing team from Reformed Church University.

The theme of the conference as read by Reverend Martha Mutswakatira was ‘Mirai Musimba Guru RaMwari’, the topic by Reverend Gwema was Do not Touch the Anointed One and the executive director of Self Help Development Foundation, Cynthia Mukamuri did a lesson on gender based violence.

The Midweek Watch also attended the oversubscribed conference.

Reverand Mutswakatira educated women on how God’s power is incomprehensible, infinity, the Dunamis Power, and unstoppable.

“If we know how God’s power is, we will not go to traditional healers or waste our time over powerless spiritual mediums, but concentrate on our Christianity and know that to be a Christian leads to various wars that need to be fought and become victorious.

“Everyone must know that God is our creator, no one is like Him and the all powerful one.

“The moment we feel powerless we must call upon God, He will rescue us, women of valour must always trust in the Lord and have faith in our Awesome God,” said Reverend Mutswakatira.

Mukamuri discussed the types of abuse namely, technological, physical, psychological, sexual, emotional, financial and spiritual abuse.

She explained how the factors interlink to the social lives of people saying that, “a mother physically abused will definitely be affected psychologically leading to failure in doing her duties sexually hence she fails to work properly and she fails to attend church service affecting her spiritually.”

GBV affects self esteem, causes anxiety and depression.

Cynthia Mukamuri delivering her sermon.

The committee of the National Conference chairperson Keziline Mutangiri, vice chairperson Philda Masimba, secretary Prisca Munenerwa, vice secretary Lindah Mashamba, treasurer Janita Mutimhodyo and Actuary Ruramayi Makaudze were present.

“The conference was so vibrant with powerful speakers and the attendance was so high that over 7000 women converged for the important annual conference,” said chairperson Mutangiri.

The marketing team from RCU led by Rumbidzai Manyame said, “Our main aim is to advertise our products and services as RCU to women present at this national Conference coming from different regions.

“We have degrees we offer at the university and certain projects which they are inquiring about for the prices and procedures on how to apply the offered programmes.

“RCU has a Textile Factory in Masvingo and we are sewing our own clothes and uniforms, we take orders also and deliver the garments to customers.

“We have workers and trainees who mann the factory and very experienced and always ready to deliver,” she said.

She went on to highlight more projects they do such as fishery, poultry and detergents making.

Manyame encouraged everyone to come to RCU as it is a Christian school, guided by the Christian values through devotions regardless of your denomination.

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