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RCU holds 8th graduation, with 66% being female


MASVINGO – The Reformed Church University (RCU) held its 8th graduation ceremony where 180 students graduated with bachelor’s degrees and Master’s degrees in various fields of study.

The three faculties that had students who graduated are the Faculty of Arts, Theology, Culture and Heritage Studies which had eight graduates, the Faculty of Commerce, 83 graduates and the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences which had 89 graduates. Top achievers received 20 university book prizes and 11 floating trophy awards from the institution with 66% of graduates being women and 34% male.

The ceremony was attended by various guests including Professor Norman Rudhumbu representing the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development Professor Dr Amon Murwira, RCU Vice-Chancellor Reverend Dr. Isaac Pandasvika, Professor Dr Emmanuel Dumbu, who was inaugurated as the new Vice Chancellor of the institution on the day.

Guest of Honour Pof Rudhumbu congratulated the new vice chancellor Prof Dumbu on his installation as the third vice chancellor of RCU.

“On behalf of the Minister, Deputy Minister, Permanent Secretary and staff in the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development, I want to congratulate you incoming vice chancellor on your inauguration and with great pleasure I congratulate you for many achievements you have made here at RCU and the ministry stands with you and  I hope you have a successful tenure which is good for the university and the whole Reformed Church of Zimbabwe community,” said Prof Rudhumbu.

“Today is a special day on our calendar for our graduating class of 2023 whose success we are celebrating and as we send you off into the world, remember the lessons you have learnt here and embrace the principles of integrity and compassion which will guide you in times of doubt,” said Prof Dumbu.

 “Rome was not built in one day, we still have hills and mountains to climb in order to reach the heights we aspire to attain, in terms of human capital development, the university has been able to attract three professors and 9 full-time PhD holders and the majority of our lecturers are studying towards the attainment of PhDs in their areas of expertise and in pursuit of this academic excellence, we have partnered with many other institutions including the Central University of Technology, University of Free State in South Africa and the University of Eswatini and locally, MoUs have been signed between us and River Jordan College, Rock Haven Theological College and Sunrise Sign Language Academy and more to grow our institution and avoid inbreeding.  

“The student population has risen drastically from 832 on my report of our last enrollment to 1308 currently which is a milestone in the history of the RCU,” added Prof Dumbu.

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