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PWDs to premiere film


MASVINGO- People living with disabilities are set for a historic event when they launch a short film called STAR on May 24 at Masvingo City’s home of theatre, Charles Austin.

The move is meant to integrate the PWDs into the main stream film industry as a way of creating opportunities and give them the much need platform to articulate their issues.

Detrish Muzvanya, Mike Kanyemba, Courage Murandedare, Tichamupei Nyandoro, Nancy Ziya, Alchemy, Steven Chitsva, Patson Nyahuma, Prince Shuro and Tecla Moyo are part of the cast which includes PWDs.

Donovan Tatenda Takaendesa is the producer of the film Star.

The project was funded by Culture fund with support from the European Union and it is loaded with experts especially the main crew members who include DC Entertainment, Audly Studios, Royal Lense based in Bulawayo, Motion Studios.

“We have major characters in our film like Courage Murandedare well known in Zimbabwe Horror films and Comfort Nyandoro one of the best script writers and actress in Zimbabwe who also featured in the film Nehanda.

“There are youths from Kapota namely Chitsva, school children from Victoria High School who qualified after several auditions in different schools in addition we were looking for both people living with disability and the able ones,” said Takaendesa.

Takaendesa told The Midweek Watch that the whole film was shot in Masvingo Urban as a way of promoting the film production in Masvingo Province.

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