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Prophet Makandiwa`s “Goats Healer” at it again


Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa`s UFIC Masvingo City Assembly Pastor, Joseph Muzhuzha, who is now affectionately known as the “The Goats Healer” in the ancient city following the miracle that he performed in 2020.

 The 2020 miracle saw 11 goats getting back their sight after he prayed to them, recently pulled yet another shocker on Friday when he miraculously healed a deaf and dumb boy, Tinashe Chigweje (10), from Zaka.

 Pastor Muzhuzha performed the unthinkable during an All Night Prayer service that was done at the Church`s newly acquired stand at Jazire in Rujeko C in Masvingo City.

The Man of God embarked on an All Night Prayer Service that left a trail of a countless miracles. The most shocking miracle being that of Chigweje who had gone for 2 weeks without being able to speak and hear.

“Man of God we are surprised at the power of God which is all over this place, this boy who is my son, had gone for more than 2 weeks without being able to speak and hear but as you were praying and making declarations, he is now normal.

“He can now speak. He can now engage in normal conversations with others. This is something that he was no longer able to do. Thank you Man of God for delivering my son!” Interjected the mother of the child to confirm as the “Goats Healer” was busy delivering congregants through prayer, life teachings and declarations.

Throughout the All Night service, The Man of God interchangeably thundered in tongues as he prayed, declared and discharged profound teachings on prayer life in which he taught the congregants to desist from gossip, pride and fear.

 The Man of God also emphasised on humility as the Key Master to success indicating that the grace to be lifted lies in it. He defined pride as the mother of all sins since all sins are embedded in it.

As the Man of God was busy teaching and commanding congregants to pray, miracles could be seen birthing. The sick got healed. Demons could be heard bellowing and checking out without any touch from “The Goats Healer.”   

“After this all night prayer, results must follow you! Answers to your prayer must follow you!” Declared The Goats Healer as the All Night service was drawing to closure.

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