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Prophet feasts on married woman, caught attempting on second one 

   An adultery scandal has unfolded in South Africa as a Zimbabwean Madzibaba was caught in the wrong having extra-marital affairs with a man’s two wives. 

 The Madzibaba, whose identity is still unknown, was shown in a video grovelling in front of a gathering of people and pleading for forgiveness. One can see the South African police force waiting, prepared to step in if needed.

In the background, the voices of the man’s friends and relatives can be heard, vehemently condemning Madzibaba for his actions.

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The friends and relatives express their outrage over Madzibaba’s audacious behaviour, sleeping with their friend’s wife and attempting to seduce his second wife.

  They chastise him for his grievous wrongdoings and insist that he must pay a fine for his transgressions against their friend’s marital sanctity.

 Despite being exposed, they express their disbelief that Madzibaba continues to engage in an illicit relationship with their friend’s first wife.  

The video has since gone viral, sparking a significant buzz on social media platforms. Netizens have been quick to weigh in on the situation, with a flurry of reactions flooding various online platforms.

Many social media users expressed shock and condemned Madzibaba for his audacity in engaging in extramarital affairs and attempting to pursue another illicit relationship within the same family.

However, a segment of social media users took a different perspective, finding humour in what they perceived as the man’s weakness.

They found it amusing that the Madzibaba had engaged in an adulterous affair with the man’s first wife and dared to attempt a similar affair with his second wife.

Here are some of the reactions;


He is very daring sleeps with first wife onanavira his second wife again from same man is this kuderera or yatova versus nemumwe murume uyo this is too much


Murume wekunyengerwa mukadzi akadhakwa uyo, ngaape chikomba icho shamhu chirove 1st wife chapedza kurova ochipa mukadzi wacho simple.! Ungaswera nemukadzi anohura pamba pako, ndokuzingaira.   @him._dice:

right mukuona risk yekuita polygamist….dzinogona kungodyiwa dzese dziri 2 kunge 2 piecer


Ku joza ka uku , kokuzopfugama kunge mutsvene


Haaa kujairira munhu, kudya vese here kwanga kwasara murume wacho. online

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