President to grace Youth Day celebrations in Masvingo

-as provincial youth push for Mnangagwa third term


MASVINGO -President Mnagagwa is set to grace the annual Youth Day celebrations on February 21 to be held in Masvingo at Mushagashe Vocational Training Centre.

The Youth Day celebrations are running under the theme ‘Positioning Youth Empowerment And Development Towards Achieving Vision 2030’.

Masvingo province Zanu PF chairperson, Rabson Mavhenyengwa told The Midweek Watch that this year’s celebrations are going to be held at Mushagashe and the event is going to be graced by President Mnangagwa.

The celebrations come on the backdrop of Zanu PF attaining a two thirds majority in Parliament, thanks to self imposed CCC interim secretary general, Sengezo Tshabangu and this dovetails into Masvingo Zanu PF youths who have been clamouring since 2018 for President Mnagagwa to go all the way until 2030.

“We are excited that our visionary President is coming down for the Youth Day celebrations following the attaining of two thirds majority in Parliament recently. Since 2018 we have been calling for him to be at the helm even beyond 2030 to oversee his Vision 2030,” said one youth who preferred anonymity.

“This year’s celebrations are going to be held at Mushagashe Vocational Training Center and the event is going to be graced by President Mnangagwa as the guest of honour.

” As a province we are going to provide transport from all over the province so that everyone has the opportunity to witness the event and get to hear what the President and the government has in-store for them as youths and the country at large.

“Preparations for the big day are in full swing and we are ready to host the President and the guests who will grace the occasion,” said Mavhenyengwa.

Mavhenyengwa urged everyone in the province to attend the celebrations which are held once a year with only one province hosting the national event.

The national youth day was named after the late strongman, Robert Mugabe who ruled Zimbabwe for 37 years on the bounce.

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