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Polisario Front attacks Es-Smara town

In a press release, released this Sunday evening, and taken up by the Sahrawi press agency, the Polisario Front claims responsibility for the attack that occurred on October 29, at 1 a.m., in the town of Es-Smara.  As a reminder, it left one person dead, a young Moroccan resident in France, but also three injured.  The prosecution announced the opening of an investigation.

 The Polisario communication also mentions other military operations, having, according to them, affected Mahbes and Farsia.  We also mention the term heavy losses in the enemy trenches, without mentioning civilian victims.

 No reference to the open Moroccan investigation is made.  Furthermore, an article from ECSahraoui, published following the Polisario press release, tempers the remarks and specifies that the Saharawi elements did not cause civilian casualties, and carried out attacks in the vast “Es-Smara sector”.  .

 As previously reported and explained, the attack hit four impact zones, in three neighborhoods of the city of Es-Smara.  According to the first photos published and authenticated by several media, there are traces of shrapnel on residential walls.  The town of Es-Smara is located around forty kilometers from the defense wall, putting it within range of a certain type of weaponry used by the Polisario and consistent with the damage caused.

 Finally, it is important to seek an answer to the following question, does this attack represent a major turning point in the Sahara issue?

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