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Personal development for teenagers

I believe to be a motivated someone, to be an empowered teenager you have to be clear with yourself. It all starts from breaking chains of the past, embracing change, accepting yourself and building self-esteem and self-confidence.

Breaking chains of the past

Find hope in every storm

We all face hard times at some point in life. Sometimes the hardships come for a short period of time and others seem to last longer than anticipated. I believe this happens for a reason. They come so that they can grow you to be a better person, to know what life is like. They are there to teach us lessons that we wouldnt learn if things are perfect. But one thing you should know is that, you have incredible strength to overcome hard times. You just have to have it all figured out and ready to embrace change.

Embracing change

Change is certain

Believe in change. Believe that sometimes when life has shown you flames, the rain will fall to sooth everything out. If you can see the brighter side of life despite going through a lot at a tender age, what more inspiration to life do you need that can outstand this. If God can heal someone with leprosy, what do you think can stop him from turning your sorrowful life into a joyful life? Why feel sorry for yourself in bed when God gave you time on earth to rejoice and be the best version of his creation. Get up and work for what you want. Forget about the past and embrace change. Go for it, take charge and make change.

Accepting yourself

What you see as flaws, He sees as strengths

We all have been into situations where we just find ourselves feeling so insecure, which might have led us to isolating ourselves from others because we felt we were not good enough to be their friends or we were not good enough to be in their squads. And that resulting in being labelled as introverts. Its never easy, I can relate on this. There are so many things that we are insecure of; having a thin body, long legs, albinism, teeth and many more. One can also be in a situation where he/she is very active on social media. Social media attacks our ability to trust each other. Sometimes it is all editing. Do not be dragged into living a fake life. You are perfect the way you are. You are beautiful. Theres no need to change the way you are. Accepting yourself as you are also helps in boosting confidence and self-esteem.

By Wadzanai Mbengo

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