PED Mhike graces Mwenezi ZimFit workshop

 Cuthbert Mashoko

Masvingo Provincial Education Director, Shylatte Mhike officially opened Mwenezi District, Zimbabwe Fitness ( ZimFit) workshop on 6 June.

 The three day workshop was held at Masogwe Primary School from 5 to 7 June. Seventy-five teachers and eight cluster chair heads from Mwenezi East attended the workshop that was aimed at conscientizing teachers on the dictates of ZimFit .

Mhike, who was accompanied by the Provincial Inspector, Physical Education, Sport and Mass Displays, Fredrick Matavikwa was welcomed by song and ululation by teachers who gathered for the event.

In her address she called upon teachers to take issues of health and the welfare of learners seriously.

Emphasizing that, due to the changing world, where in some cases learners stay alone while parents are in the diaspora, the teacher goes an extra mile in taking care of the welfare of the learners.

Educators performing during the ZimFit workshop in Mwenezi.

“As teachers l urge you to continue playing a key role in educating the learners and also bringing them up morally as you act in loco parentis” said the PED.

ZimFit has its roots in Zimbabwe Physical Education and Sport Teachers Association (ZIPESTA) and its mandate is to ensure that learners’ talents are identified and natured at an early stage through use of friendly activities beginning at early childhood level.

 It also encompasses familiarizing learners to games such as tennis and chess which enhance physical and cognitive development.

 Mhike challenged the heads to be pro-active and think outside the box to ensure that their schools have facilities for these games, so that no learner is left behind.

 “Let no place and no child be left behind, you might be in Chingwizi , let the kids be exposed to what every child in Zimbabwe is exposed to, so that we leave no place behind,” said Mhike .

The PED also took time to shed light on the newly introduced Heritage Based Curriculum.

 “The Heritage Based Curriculum is succeeding the Competency Based Curriculum. Workshops will be rolled out to equip you with this phenomenon. There is no need to panic as the two are closely related,” she told the delegates.

ZimFiT is not limited to learners, it takes everyone on board. Teachers in particular, have to walk the talk by engaging in health habits at school level such as exercising on regular basis.

 “As teachers your health matters most. A healthy body is a healthy mind. You can only deliver your duties well with a healthy body, make sure that you exercise at your schools and you can also introduce fitness facilities in your communities and make money.

 As teachers you need to exploit the opportunities in your communities as you enrich yourselves,” added Mhike.

Coordinator of the workshop, Schools Inspector Phillip Chikusvura and the host head, Emmaculate Chuma ,thanked the Provincial Education Director for gracing the occasion.

The workshop was a combination of theory and practice. The Mejury Chiwara and Adrof Mugova led team of facilitators was on top of its game as they took the participants through the clauses and drills of ZimFit .

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