“Papa JC Article Some Weeks Ago…He Has Been Vindicated!!”👇🏿👇🏿

Zifa Planner Of Failure!!

Few weeks before two very crucial games, the Zimbabwe Football Association hasn’t appointed Warriors coach. Worldwide national soccer teams have called provisional squads. Zimbabwe hasn’t indicated those likely to feature for the national team. Zifa is only planning nothing but failure.

The warriors will play Lesotho at home away from home.This game means Zimbabwe has no advantage.Its a game South Africans will go all out to support Lesotho.A Lesotho win is advantage to SA for one of their biggest challengers will be disturbed.

The next game comes few days after and it’s against South Africa who will be at home.South Africa has already named a provisional squad.South Africa performed well at the recent AFCON.It will Bea miracle for a poorly organized and managed team team like ours.

The new coach is likely to have players picked up by someone.These will not be his choice .The national Warriors squad to play Lesotho and South Africa are Linchon Mutasa’s mismanagement product squad.The new coach should never be blamed for any result.

The delay in announcement of new coach might be Zifa would like to appoint a very unpopular coach. This is political sideshow at play.

ZIFA Nomalisation Committee chairman, Lincoln Mutasa.

Zimbabweans do you believe a nation as great as Zimbabwe can fail to have a single stadium suitable for international games? Do you believe Zimbabwe has no capacity to renovate National Sports Stadium in less than 30 days for games to be played ?Zifa and Government of Zimbabwe are not serious in protecting and safeguard the sovereignty of this country. We have true sellouts in this government.Although Mugabe had his weaknesses he never would have allowed Warriors to play outside mother Zimbabwe.

🇿🇼☝🏿🇿🇼 Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for citizens who want better change in Zimbabwe

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