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Politics in Zimbabwe is now re- written and redefined. I am not the one who rejoices when a neighbor’ s house is on fire.

 As someone who was raised in a Catholic environment, we always give praise to the almighty who has created this earth. The recent developments in the Triple C house, has a lot to be studied by students doing political administration at any tertiary institution in the country.

Nyiso or Tsivo are Shona words meaning revenge. The Jewish Orthodox family believes in an eye for an eye. They say it is a fair game; in our Shona culture we have ‘ ngozi’ ( avenging spirit), that causes gnashing of teeth in the  family of a murderer. Zenith , that is the highest point anybody can reach in his/ her endeavours.

When Sengezo Tshabangu, the self proclaimed secretary general of the newly fledgling Triple C political party recalled some councillors in Bulawayo and one unfortunate mayoress of Masvingo city, Shantel Chiwara. On Shantel, l thought he has over- stretched his resources. But someone told me that Tshabangu was dealing against nepotism and favouritism in the party. All hand picked candidates preferred by Nelson Chamisa, in the just ended elections are now facing the wrath from the secretary general. He also threatened to continue with his journey of the movement of Jah children, if Chamisa dares to challenge him. When Chamisa said he didn’t know Tshabangu, he flared up like an incanticine of gases and promised the audience to dress down Chamisa.

Some naysayers have alleged that Tshabangu is a Zimbabwe Electoral Commission’ s project and some say he is just a disgruntled member of the CCC, who thinks the de jure commandante of Triple C is now swallowing more than he can chew.  He has centralised everything on himself, purging some veterans like Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube. And also the noise he is making in the political arena, is different from what his foot soldiers think he can do to serve Job Sikhala from Chik Max.This did not go down well with cadres who had been in the party since its formation in 1999. Remember MDC-T, MDC Alliance, MDC Ncube and MDC Sikhala are all off shoots of the Movement for Democratic Change( MDC), under the leadership of the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. It is naive to say they are different, as the same faces who populate the Triple C structures could be attained from the original Tsvangirai’s MDC party. The vocal Biti and Ncube are experienced cadres who would one day wrestle power from President Chamisa. So Chamisa as a gambler he knew when, and how to dump them. Now all of his closest aides like Mkwananzi, Fadzayi Mahere, Joana Mamombe et cetera, can not challenge the commandante. They are now just members of the praise and worship team. In Masvingo province some clever blacks like Cllr Maboke learnt it the hard way. Peter Chigaba who was the late Tsvangirai security aide, also can testify on how Chamisa does his business. He is a talented orator but he forgets to include old school boys in his line up, and some accuse his supporters of ageism. They distrust anyone with a metal identity card ( generation X ). They are in love with generation Z, those raised on technology, and have much faith on big tech media houses.

So Tshabangu had taken advantage of the loophole of the so called structureless party to cause distress and anxiety. He belongs to himself, if you can see how he operates. He has unfinished business with Chamisa. And Chamisa now can not run to Nevers Mumba for succour, as Tshabangu is promising him that Bulawayo will be his no-go-area, if his bellicose behaviour is not curtailed. In Bulawayo he handpicked the mayor, in Masvingo the same was done, only the Victoria Falls chapter vetoed against his move. Tshabangu was watching and he decided to play the hard ball against the commandante. Chamisa has himself to blame, he was becoming to big for his boots and never thought that all people around him went as far as Sub A, at school . So Mr Chamisa eat your lunch whilst it is still warm, as the Ides of Tshabangu are yet to come. In the novel ” Animal Farm”, l can deduce the national anthem of Manor farm being sung,”

Beasts of England, beasts of Ireland, Beasts of every land and clime, Hearken to my joyful tidings Of the golden future time. Soon or late the day is coming,”…..

And Sengezo Tshabangu’ s war cry is ” Kuzolunga konke” simply meaning “zvichanaka chete”- ( everything gonna be alright). The Shonas have this proverb” Mvura bvongodze, ndiyo gadzikane” ( calm after a thunderstorm). We are still waiting to prove if the water will be potable again. The ‘ Humanikwa Village ‘ ( Buhera )scenario, where he wrestled power away from Khupe and Mudzuri, is now haunting him; the Vanguard can not let ” umfana wama Tshobane ” eat a humble pie. Bulawayo is his turf and the opposition’ s main votes are made in its provinces.The zenith of Mr Chamisa’ s political career is now riddled with thorns, ( minzwa inobaya). Tshabangu is displaying the Bismarckianism philosophy to the generation Z. Love him or hate him!

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