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Nyangambe ecotourism business plan unveiled


CHIREDZI – The official handover of the Nyangambe ecotourism business plan in Ward 23, Chiredzi District, has marked a milestone in the Resilience Accelerating New Community-based Holistic Outcomes for Resources Sustainability (ANCHORS) project.

 This comprehensive plan outlines a clear roadmap for boosting ecotourism and maximizing benefits from wildlife conservation.

The initiative has received a boost from USAID, where the Nyangambe community identified product lines, necessary infrastructure, and effective marketing strategies to attract tourists.

Chairperson of the Nyangambe community conservancy showing off the ecotourism business plan.

Some of the exciting developments include fence gardens, black soldier fly production, beekeeping, integrated ecosystem management, and guided tours.

 This project aims to transform Nyangambe into a resilient tourist destination, promoting sustainable development and economic growth.

Masvingo provincial tourism officer, Romana Matura emphasized the importance of the business plan in protecting the community’s wildlife space, preserving local heritage, and creating new job opportunities.

She highlighted great potential for increased visitors, improved livelihoods, and job creation in the tourism sector.

“We have noted that the business plan supports engagement in ecotourism activities, which can lead to an increased number of visitors, longer stays, and job creation in the tourism industry at large.

 “The long-term plans for the community include the development of a tented camp with a conservation education center to promote conservation education among our youth and future environmental champions,” said Matura.

With the Nyangambe ecotourism business plan in place, the community is poised for a brighter future, as the initiative will not only showcase the beauty of Nyangambe but also contribute to the economic growth and well-being of its residents.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, Chiredzi Rural District Council chief executive officer, Ailess Baloyi urged the Nyangambe community to unite for a brighter future.

Baloyi assured the community of the local authority’s unwavering support, pledging to foster a collaborative environment for the success of the ecotourism initiative.

“We heartily accept the business plan since it is going to change the livelihoods of the community. I assure you that the Council will keep on supporting and facilitating all programs pertaining to the community. I hope that these kinds of relationships will keep on going, as we look forward to greater cooperation,” said Baloyi.

Nyangambe is a rural community surrounded by vast wildlife areas and natural resources, making it an ideal location for ecotourism development.

The community thrives in subsistence farming, livestock rearing, and small-scale fishing.

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