Nyanga nonagenarian hangs self over avenging spirits


NYANGA-The Nyanga community has been left mourning after nonagenarian, Alous Mukura (90) hung himself from a tree branch for failing to pay for tormenting avenging spirits 40 years on.

Manicaland Province Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the sad news to The Midweek Watch.

On March 9, Alous Mukura(90) of Muwi Village under Chief Saunyama and his family members proceeded to Conilious Matsanga’s homestead (who was allegedly killed by Alous 40 years ago) in a bid to pay for an avenging spirit which has been traumatizing Mukura for the past years.

It is said that Matsanga’s family refused to accept US $300 being part payment of 15 cattle demanded by the spirit saying the amount was too little.

This did not go down well with the deceased who informed his family that he was not happy with the decision.

On March 10 at around 10pm, the deceased’s wife Sarah Mukura(77) left Alous home going to church at Tombo Business Center.

 Sarah came back home at around 3pm and realized that her husband was not home.

She conducted a search and found him hanging from a tree branch 50 meters away from their homestead.

The matter was reported at Nyamaropa Police Station and the body was taken to Nyanga Hospital for postmortem.

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