Ngundu Miners, Exodus team up for school hall construction


CHIVI – One of the biggest construction companies involved in the rehabilitation of the Harare-Beitbridge Road, Exodus and Company has teamed up with local miners for the construction of Shongamiti High School Hall in Chivi District.

The Hall which measures 35m x 33m required nearly 60 by 16 cubic trucks of gravel which were beyond the reach of the local community and the parents in the arid Chivi District.

Exodus and Company brought its state of the art machinery and spent the whole day digging gravel and ferrying it to and from Gororo site which is 16km from Shongamiti School.

Local Miners were not left behind and pulled together their resources and assisted by carrying the gravel to the construction site.

The secretary for Ngundu Miners Association, Zvinowanda Charamba said they have an obligation as local miners to assist as much as possible whenever there is need.

“We complement government’s efforts by giving back to the community as we work towards vision 2030 middle class society.

“We are going out of our way to assist the community as one even when resources are scarce. The school provides diesel and loaders and our drivers and dumpers provide the necessary service,” said Charamba.

The consortium’s chairman Rudhodho said the priorities of the school form part of the DNA of mining.

“We have to assist collectively in the development of our school. We are the biggest beneficiaries of this school.

“We want our learners to compete with the best schools in terms of infrastructural development.

“As an association, we encourage each other to team up and assist” he said.

Fanuel said they felt it was necessary to assist even when the school is away from the Beit-Bridge high way.

“When we were approach by the school authorities, we said although we are facing financial challenges due to suppressed mineral prices on the international markets, but we must assist.

“We were told learners were interrupted from learning during examination sessions. This hall will be useful in that aspect.

“We would have wanted to do more had our coffers permitted.

It was a way of paying back to the community at a critical moment, they said.

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