Nelson Chamisa pulls another shocker


HARARE- Nelson Chamisa has parted ways with the opposition political party he formed, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) 2 years ago citing ruling party’s infiltration, easily manipulated and selfish opposition party members as chief reasons behind the unceremonious exit.

A self-imposed CCC Secretary General Sengezo Thabangu expelled elected CCC Members of Parliament and Councillors from the party with the help of the courts triggering by-elections in December 2023 and up-coming by-elections in February 2024 in a development that unsettled the main opposition political party.

In a statement issued on Thursday, Chamisa announced his exit from CCC and promised to announce the next step in due course.

“This is to officially and under my hand, inform you fellow citizens of Zimbabwe and the world, that, with immediate effect, i no longer have anything to do with CCC,” said Chamisa.

Chamisa said some CCC members fell prey to Zanu PF’s trappings at the expense of fighting for the political and economic emancipation of the general populace.

“Various schemes and carrots have been dangled to entice the undermining of the cause for freedom. Some of us have refused silver coins in pursuit of the higher ideal-Happiness and Dignity for everyone.

“It is now clear to everyone that big money is finding into the pockets of some, who, on account of poverty and material desperation have succumbed to the temptation of enticement. The infiltration of CCC and our efforts to wrestle it out of capture, is to our utmost surprise but not unexpected, been denied through the judicial system- defying all logic and legal reasoning,” Chamisa said.

In apparent reference to some CCC members who dined with Zanu PF in pursuit of personal aggrandisement, Chamisa said he do not entertain traitors.

“We are being thrown into a river with hungry crocodiles, but clearly in our view i will refuse to swim in a river with hungry crocodiles. We need to extricate ourselves from the shenanigans. I will have nothing to do with sewer pond politics.”

Chamisa spelt out Zanu PF’s shenanigans meant to decimate the alternative voice and an opposition that wine and dine with ruling party without questioning chicannery, plunder, misrule among a host of ills that left the populace wallowing in abject poverty.

“The incumbent is doing all this because they want a Government-controlled opposition and alternative. They also want an opposition that thrives on coupons and stipends, joining the feeding trough and the gravy train, almost being in a hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil mode.

“They want to create a weak opposition and a puppet leadership without a base, who compromise on fundamentals of democracy, accountability and good governance. They are unhappy with an alternative that refuses to be bought or contaminated by trinkets and trappings of power,” added Chamisa.

He expressed resolve to continue fighting for change in the country despite all the setbacks.

“As a patriot, i remain active in public service. I also remain a loyal citizen listener, freedom advocate, a citizen’s champion and leader.

“My focus remains fully on Zimbabwe, asserting your victory, honoring the citizens mandate and God’s calling to provide leadership.”

It remains unclear how Chamisa is going to reconstitute a formidable opposition political party and retain party members who have been elected under the CCC banner in the disputed 2023 harmonised elections.

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