Murimi Munhu… ( In farming you won’t walk alone)


Gokomere Mission is a Roman Catholic institution located some 15km from Masvingo city, on the highway to Harare.

It has a small community mostly of former workers’ families who helped in the construction of Gokomere Mission. So Gokomere Mission falls under the jurisdiction of Chief Zimuto. It is semi-arid with poor water reservoirs, you either own a Jojo or you will squat from point A to B, searching for the precious liquid.

 As most Jojo owners are devout Roman Catholics they share their water with the less privileged. It will not be fair to exclude our Fathers at Gokomere Mission, they also allow the community to fetch water at the mission without any restrictions. So, we always cherish that gesture, which they give to the Gokomere community.

When some generation Z, are busy abusing substances and rushing to urban precincts in search of work, Gina Machorani, has stayed put on his plot at Rungwe Village, Gokomere.

He is popularly known as Muguriri as they are descendants of the Nemwamwa clan. Machorani is a young farmer who took farming like a duck takes to water.

He is conversant in the production of all horticultural products, from tomatoes, cabbages, rape, fresh mealies, water melons etc. Despite the aridity of the area, he managed to dig a well, 13 metres deep, with a diameter of 2 metres, which is his source of perennial water for irrigating his garden. His garden is roughly 50 metres by 50m.

As l visited him last Saturday, he was busy preparing his piece of land for the planting of water melons. His favourite variety is creamson sweet; which looks like first grade meat when they are ripe (kwako kungo vudura chete).

 It is a short season variety which takes 90 days to mature. Water melons do not need much water or rains. It bears 3 big and 3 small melons. So, the harvest is certifiable, rich and good, which burdens you with more money in the bank.

 So, this climate change where we experience extreme hot days are conducive for their growth. But this doesn’t imply that Muguriri will abandon planting vegetables, tomatoes and other varieties.

He has good market for cabbages at Gokomere schools, rape for Zimuto High School and the local community knows ” kwa Gina kumurivo. So, in farming “inongova tsepete, tsepete”, you won’t go wrong.

 It inspires me that young generations in Mashonaland East , West and Central are very much into farming. This will enable Zimbabwe to reclaim its bread basket status once again.

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