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Mugabe vs Mnangagwa’s regime!

Dear Editor

“Mnangagwa’s so called second Republic major differences with Mugabe’s regime are÷
1) Mnangagwa’s regime number one oppressive organ of the State is the Judiciary. Mugabe used Border Gezi recruits.
2)Corruption is normal, done in broad daylight and rewarded in Mnangagwa’s regime. Mugabe corruption was done secretly.
3) Nepotism .,.. Cabinet and top government posts are for Mnangagwa’s close relatives. Mugabe would always appoint close Zanu PF liberation struggle friends regardless of relations as long he/she is Zanu PF zvekugana basa ndezvimwe.
4) Mugabe rigged elections through violence. Mnangagwa uses psychological torture, intimidation and other shenanigans.
Mnangagwa is far much worse dictator than Mugabe. Mnangagwa a 50-year political student of Mugabe looks to outshine his teacher in oppressive rule.”

🇿🇼☝🏿🇿🇼 Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for citizens who want better change in Zimbabwe

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