Mudenda leads parliamentarians in induction seminar


HARARE- The electorate entrusted legislators with the responsibility of improving their lives and being torch bearers for aspirations, hopes and dreams, Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda has said.

Delivering a keynote address to legislators attending a three-day induction seminar in Harare on Monday, Mudenda implored the lawmakers to lead in improving the lives of the electorate.

“I cannot, therefore, overemphasise how crucial it is for us to constantly remember that we are here because of the trust bestowed on us by Zimbabwe’s electorate.

“Thus, the electorate entrusted us to be bearers of a torch that casts its radiant light upon the aspirations, hopes and dreams of the Zimbabwean people in their search for consummated prosperity,” said Mudenda.

Mudenda said the seminar is designed to assist legislators to effectively fulfil their mandate.

“This seminar should, therefore, sharpen your abilities and energise you in fulfilling your legislative, oversight and representation roles as the undoubted servant leaders of the people of Zimbabwe whose voice is your mantle to translate into positive development action,” he said.

Mudenda also reminded legislators that to be called ‘Honourable’ calls for a deep sense of duty towards the nation, integrity and understanding of actions and decisions that positively impact the present and future.

“Firstly, to be Honourable is to be driven by a profound sense of duty towards the nation and its people. Herein lies the efficacy of your Oath of office as Members of Parliament.

“Secondly, it is to exhibit integrity, understanding that our actions and decisions impact not only the present but also the future of Zimbabwe.”

The three-day induction seminar for legislators that started on Monday and ended this Wednesday is meant to give an overview of parliamentary business and support services for Members of Parliament.

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