Msv City Council ups cholera fight

-as Gutu bans food consumption at public gatherings


MASVINGO – Masvingo City Council (MCC) has rolled out rigorous measures to fight the deadly medieval cholera disease which has killed over 100 people and infected thousands throughout the country.

The measures include closing down backyard restaurants, unlicensed food selling points which are dotted around the CBD and shaking of hands.

This was said by Sithabile Matava, the MCC deputy director of health and environmental services at a Press discussion that was hosted by Zimbabwe Union of Journalists (ZUJ) in Masvingo yesterday.

Matava pleaded with the community of Masvingo to desist from consuming food from undesignated or unlicensed backyard restaurants so as to curb the spread of cholera in the ancient city.

“I would like to advise the members of the community to desist from eating food from undesignated or unlicensed backyard restaurants so that we control the spread of cholera that has spread throughout the country.

“As the Council we are going to destroy and close down all the unlicensed backyard restaurants and from now onwards be prepared to see the Municipal Police out in full force closing down these places that have the potential to spread cholera as they are unhygienic,” said Matava.

Entrance Takaidza, from the Community Working Group on Health said that they are working hand in hand with MCC to maintain and control the disease from spreading all over the city.

Masvingo Provincial Information Officer, Rodgers Irimayi said that the disease requires everyone’s hands to be on the deck so that it does not kill more people as it spreads fast especially in unhygienic places.

Meanwhile, Gutu District Medical Officer, Dr Mutero Mupereki has issued a public notice on the outbreak of cholera in the district.

“Following the outbreak of cholera which is being reported in our surrounding districts which are Zaka, Bikita, Buhera and a few cases reported in Gutu District the Ministry of Health and Child Care in Gutu recommends all gatherings that require food preparation are temporarily suspended until the outbreak subsides,” said Dr Mupereki.

“All funerals to be supervised by the Ministry of Health and Child Care personnel and no food preparation is allowed and shaking of hands should be avoided,” he added.

The circular went on to advise all public premises such as schools to have handwashing facilities with water and soap.

School visits by parents have also been suspended until further notice.

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