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Mozambican national murdered over stool


Blue Mountain Farm workers in Vumba, Mutare are still in a shock after a Mozambican national was allegedly murdered while queueing for wages following an argument over a stool to sit on.

Two Blue Mountain Farm workers were fighting over a stool to sit on while waiting for their turn to collect their wages when the farm owner allegedly intervened and fatally beat one of them.

Manicaland Province Police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka told The Midweek Watch that the Blue Mountain Farm owner, Whisper Shenje who specializes in tobacco growing is on the run after the death of one of his workers whom he had assaulted.

Chinyoka said on Saturday at around 6pm the late Saimoni Zororo Chipare (42) and other farm workers gathered to collect their wages when the deceased and Shanty Dumba had an altercation over who to sit on the available stool.

The two started pushing and shoving each other, whereupon Shenje intervened and started to indiscriminately assault the two with a log all over their bodies, sustaining varying injuries.

After the incident everyone retired to bed, but the deceased was found the following day lying facing upwards under a black plastic polythene shade covered with a blue blanket.

Chipare’s body was discovered by Tino Jairosi a driver at the farm and of Mozambican origin as well, who went on to inform Busiso Mhlanga and a police report was made at the Mutare Rural Camp.

The scene was attended to and a 1.5m long log with blood stains was found nearby the deceased’s body and a piece of cloth was tied around his neck and there were signs that the body was dragged to the scene.

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