Missionary Childhood meet at Bangala Mission

2nd to 4th February 2024.

Theme: “Spiritual Cooperation “ which they contextualized in the Scripture of Mt. 19:14 ‘Let the little children come to me…’

The Missionary Childhood Association of St Barbra Bangala Parish met over the weekend 2nd to 4th February 2024.

 Their Advisors, Mrs Nyanguvo and Mrs Phiri together with the Association’s executive committee (Tadanashe Marumbwa, Shelter Kaserera , Tatenda Zengeya, Progress Bwazvo, and four committee members organized the beginning of the year meeting in preparation for the whole Mission Congress in October 2024.

The Executive arranged speakers for the following topics: 1) History of the foundation of Missionary Childhood.

2) Goals of the Association.

3)Children’s Rights and Abuse of Children.

 4) Parents and community’s expectations from children.

 5) Personal cleanliness and health issues.

 In the afternoon they had sports, then Holy Mass and Quiz in the evening of Saturday.

They closed their meeting with Holy Mass on Sunday. In their evaluation they highlighted Children’s rights and Abuses.

The children showed a great knowledge of their personal rights which must be a result of the lessons they receive at their schools.

 Similarly, they had a great grasp of the abuses they could suffer, surprisingly including ‘human trafficking’ and sexual abuse by relatives.

 In discussing their goals, they noted the need to participate to help other disadvantaged children in cash or kind.

Another aspect which captivated the youth was a presentation by a nurse Mrs Ngarava from Renco Mine Clinic on personal hygiene of the youth. The meeting was a great success.

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