Minister Mugadza graces ZFTU May Day celebrations

Martin Muleya

While the Government backs demands for workers to get a living wage, employees should take it upon themselves to be innovative so that they don’t solely rely on their employers.

This was said by the Minister of State for Manicaland Province and Devolution, Misheck Mugadza during the May Day celebrations held in Chipinge that were organised byZimbabwe Federation of Trade Union (ZFTU).

“I am fully aware of the existence of the now legislated Tripartite Negotiating Forum (TNF) which is our national platform for dialogue on all socio-economic development matters.

“Indeed Workers’ have a right to demand for living wages but they should be reasonable and affordable,” said Mugadza.

Speaking at the same occasion ZFTU president, Alfred Makwarimba said that workers demanded to be included in all economic development policies through legislated TNF.

“Workers demand inclusivity in all economic policies formulation to fight parasitic extractive. We want maximum and unfettered inclusion in all economic development policies through our legislated dialogue platform.

“Workers should not be used to rubber-stamp elite, neoliberal policies. Every policy should go through the TNF before being adopted,” said Makwarimba.

He added that Government should ensure that economic policies should benefit the majority and not a tiny coterie of wealthy elites.

 Government should align itself with workers who are the real creators of wealth and not with the bourgeoises who are involved in extractive and parasitic economic sabotage, said the ZFTU president.

The provincial May Day celebrations were held under the theme “Working class demanding for radical inclusivity in all economic policies against extractive, parasitic capital”.

The ZFTU president said that, hosting the provincial celebrations at Jopa Women Market was an expression of solidarity with the informal sector workers especially women and youth.

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