Miners4ED launch first mining Syndicate


CHIREDZIMiners4ED has spread its wings in Chiredzi and went on to launch its first mining Syndicate “Chiambala Funza ” last week at Clevers Hotels and Resorts.

The Syndicate’s founding director, Admore Hwarare told The Midweek Watch that the syndicate has already done much progress and has even appointed 10 people into the board of directors, filed for 1000 hectares of land which is progressing positively, purchased 200 cows, 200 sheep and have managed to get mining machinery.

” l am very happy to announce that this movement has already kick- started since we have already filed for 1000 hectares of land, 200 cows, 200 sheep and also, we got the mining machinery from the Masvingo Treasurer General, Naison Majambwa on the agreement that he gets 10% of the mining proceeds” said Hwarare.

The Syndicate’s mandate is to assist small scale miners with registering their claims, finding them buyers, taking minerals samples and also acquiring mining machinery for them.

Hwarare also said that they have sent some of their samples to University of Zimbabwe (UZ) Department of Mining where it was discovered that Chiredzi is rich in Gold, Copper, Lithium, Dolomite, Caoline and Calcite. All these minerals can be used to develop Chiredzi if people unite and focus on the same goal.

He encouraged people to affiliate their membership premiums and also to buy shares before it’s too late, with the shares going up for $US500 for Adults and $US150 for youths.

“We took our samples to UZ and the results revealed that not only are we rich in Farming but we also have Gold, Copper, Lithium, Caoline, Dolomite and Calcite. We only need a group of people to unite and start doing business so I encourage you to affiliate and buy your shares before it is too late” said Hwarare.

Chief Chilonga’s representative Hlengani Chauke expressed his gratitude towards the development with the view that the program does not exclude villagers on the basis of age, gender and where one comes from, and also that this program shall positively change the livelihoods of the Chiredzi Community as a whole.

“We are happy that this project will benefit everyone including Chiefs, headman and also the villagers will have a chance to be part of this project since the affiliation fees are reasonable, even a villager can sell his/her ground nuts and pay the affiliation fee and also am very happy because the project is for the Community by the Community” said Chauke.

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