Mimosa showcases business optimization projects


MBERENGWA-The first Great Dyke region platinum miner, Mimosa Mining Company recently held media tour to showcase various projects underway at the mine to optimize the business and extend its life span.

The general manager, Stephen Ndiyamba explained some of the operations currently underway to the participants of the tour.

“The mine is divided into two sections South Hill and North Hill. Our current operations are focused on our South Hill ore body. We are currently mining and processing 2.8 million tonnes of ore to produce 120,000 ounces of platinum or 240,000 ounces of 4Es (Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Gold) annually.

“We produce a concentrate that contains a total of 10 metals (platinum, gold, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium, nickel, copper, cobalt, silver),” said Ndiyamba.

He went on to state that, the mine was currently performing well on the safety and production fronts. The current challenge was that of depressed global metal prices which have an impact on operations and the ability to carry out planned projects, hence they have embarked on three key projects to enhance the sustainability of their mining operations.

“The first one is the plant optimization project which entails enhancing efficiencies in the concentrator to realize optimal processing and metal recoveries. The project has already benefitted close to 700 members of the local community who have been engaged as contractors.

 “It was done at a cost of US$38 million and was commissioned during the first half of the year and I am glad the project is already meeting our expectations.”

According to Ndiyamba, the other project is the construction of a new Tailings Storage Facility (TSF4) for US$75 million. 

As part of Mimosa’s strategic initiative and commitment towards environmental sustainability and responsible disposal of waste, construction of a new 165-hectare clay-lined tailings storage facility is underway to replace the existing facility which is nearing the end of its life.

This includes the construction of a 1.1 million cubic meter water containment facility. The new facility is designed to handle mine waste materials or tailings for the next 20 years and takes into account any future expansions the mine may embark on.

The construction phase has seen 385 people getting employed with the majority coming from the local surrounding communities.

 The project is now 90 percent complete and will be commissioned in April 2024.

Mimosa has plans to embark on a project to extend the life of the mine by 12 years through the construction of a new shaft at North Hill.

In light of the depressed PGM prices and their impact on operations, Mimosa has taken cost-containment measures to safeguard viability. As a result, they have made a decision not to embark on the North Hill project. For now, focus is on optimizing the current operations at South Hill to ensure that they navigate through this phase of low metal prices.

The general manager further said that Mimosa remains committed to investments in Zimbabwe and in particular building mutually beneficial relationships that create lasting legacies.

 He said they understand that the resources they mine are finite, so they have invested significantly in the local community.

“Mimosa is a law-abiding corporate citizen. We meet regularly with stakeholders including traditional leaders, local governance structures and government officials to align our objectives with national goals.

“We also consult the local leadership when coming up and implementing new projects in the community. Most importantly we adhere to metal accounting standards as we work with the Mineral Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe and ensure that all the minerals that we mine are accounted for,” he said.

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